Should A Charity Charge Two Thousand Pounds A week?



a so-called charity charging thousands of pounds

The narrator of "Sexy Thai Bar Girls And Me / Sex Adventures In Asia" rants and raves about the care-charity that looked after his father and charged thousands upon thousands of pounds for doing so. He also has a go at his Oxbridge sister while he's about it!

"A carer is someone who without payment provides help and support to a partner, child, relative, friend or neighbour, who could not manage without their help.This could be due to age, physical or mental illness, addiction or disability.” Crossroads, Oxfordshire, blurby lie at the bottom of their correspondence folio.

That sounds great. So how come, Crossroads, Oxfordshire, yes, I’m addressing you, how come Dad’s estate owed you more than nineteen thousand pounds? To be exact and to quote from the legal document prepared by the Co-operative Legal Services after Dad’s death and called THE ESTATE OF THE LATE JOSEPH FINCH — under OTHER LIABILITIES — : 19,540 pounds and 88 pence exactly. (Don’t you just love the sheer precision 88 pence?) How come his life-savings were eaten up in less than eight months? How come your charges were about two thousand pounds a week? Isn’t it about time you changed your noble, little blurb? And Great Britain, isn’t it about time you told the rest of the world that while you support live-aid you also charge fees that are anything but charitable?

My sister, who had chosen Crossroads in my absence, who had questioned how Dad had been cared for, who had found him on the floor on one visit (because he had slid off the sofa while trying to get to the toilet), who had reluctantly noted the money I had given to La and had made it clear she disagreed with any payment while she herself got thousands of pounds from Cambridge University to tell the world that French language and literature are great and global feminism even greater, had she also contacted social services to get the fan operating and the shite ready? A lady who in her student days shouted against Prince Charles, raved about the Beatles and Bob Dylan, went for extended days on Israeli kibbutzim, the same lady who now, from her spoilt, academic establishment-position, turned on the fan? Yes, yes, the very same.

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