Brexit — Time To Get Mindful — Stop And Smell The Fear



We are packing out bags and heading out of Europe. England are heading home from the Euros and Jeremy Corbyn isn't going anywhere — That certainly was the week that was

Brexit — Time To  Get Mindful — Stop And Smell The Fear This Is History

We are packing out bags and heading out of Europe. England are heading home from the Euros and Jeremy Corbyn isn't going anywhere — That certainly was the week that was

It can't have escaped your notice that these last few days have been quite momentous in our countries history. Out of Europe and out of the Euros. In the last few days the country has been turned on its head. It's what you might call a whole new world

You can bet whoever had the crazy idea of letting the people decide on our European future is keeping a low profile. So convinced he was on to a winner, PM Dave and the remain gang went all chips in and lost the lot., The biggest loser Dave then decided to fall on his sword. If not in the epic Game Of Thrones style, of all blood and gore. His departure was filled with enough drama to cast a plague upon everybody's houses. And make us the pariah's of Europe

Picking up the pieces of our EU bombshell and restoring GB's place at the top table has now been left in limbo. Well, we have to have our holidays and stuff, oh and we haven't got a prime minister.

Now I know you've heard all this stuff before, your probably tired of all the dower warnings from the Dad's Army chorus claiming 'We're Doomed', but let's put all that aside for a moment and just reflect in the fact that this moment in time is epic.. These events for good or bad will shape the destiny of us all and our children and our children's children. Schools will teach lessons about whats been occurring this week. In a future horrid history lesson They'll explain about 'Project Fear' and 'Brexit'. Time will have decided if Nigel and Boris were Hero's or villains. Our kids kids will talk about the fate of the Union. Did Nicola Sturgeon do what Mel Gibson could never do, and get Scotland their freedom.

And if their wasn't enough going on her majesty's opposition the Labour Party imploded. Jeremy Corbyn like King Canute cannot turn the tide on the flow of resignations from his shadow cabinet or the number of voices telling him to go. He's a Billy that's got no mates but he don't care.

These are momentous times. And the only people who seem to be revelling in the chaos are the rolling news channels. Events like these are what Sky news was born to do. You can see the presenters almost salivating at the avalanche of information that they are bombarding us with. To anyone of a nervous disposition this could all be a little bit scary. Doom and doomer are having a field day trying to out do themselves. The only bit of Blue Sky we've heard lately was of the Mister variety sung by ELO at Glastonbury, and even this years Glasto was the wettest festival ever said organiser Michael Evis. But if you think it's bad now watch out, in November their's the U S elections so watch out coz here comes Donald Trump

As ordinary mortals we have no choice but to be carried along by the drama, but let's stop and take a breathe. Friday 24th June wasn't 'Independence Day' as nasty Nigel claimed., far from it. Ask yourself what's changed for you? Hands up if your worrying about whether the stock market is going up or down. How many people went into to work on Monday to be told their job has gone as a result of Brexit? Who's had their holiday cancelled or their mortgage increased ? Here's how bothered Boris Johnson was at such a momentous moment in our history, he spent the weekend playing cricket with his family.

The governments of Europe might be huffing and puffing and threatening to blow our house down, but its all 'Manyana' to the Prime Minister, sounding like one of the dragons on Dragons Den when he decided he didn't like the deal and declared 'He's Out' and as a parting shot told the wobbling heads of Europe, we'll get round to leaving the EU when we are ready. For Dave and Jeremy life's going on, and so it should be for us. Let them talk and moan, listen but don't get carried away. This is history, not the start of world war 3. Or some great national tragedy.

The Brexit fallout has mainly been about business and commerce Labours ills are about personality. And as for English Football? Well we will all ways be heading for the exit it's sort of expected. These momentous times are like an Alton Tower's roller coaster ride a bit scary when it starts but you get used to it after a bit and its over before you know it. So sit back and enjoy the ride.

And finally the last words go to Nigel Farage who summed up the whole Brexit fiasco this week when he addressed an angry European Parliament

' Seventeen years ago you all laughed at me, Well your not laughing now' — Boom Boom!!

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