Ring 2



A review of the Japanese horror film "Ring 2"

Last night I watched the Japanese movie Ring 2 from 1999, directed by Hideo Nakata. 

The Ring series began as a novel by Koji Suzuki.  The series is about a VHS video tape.  After some unfortunate person has viewed it they are condemned to die in exactly seven days.  The 1998 film adaptation was a sensation both in Japan and internationally and kickstarted the popularity of "J-horror" in the west.

Suzuki wrote a sequel to Ring called Spiral, which was turned into a film that was originally intended to be the official sequel to the 1998 film, the two were shot back to back.  However, Spiral did very poorly at the box office, and so they decided to shelve it and make this film to replace it.  This film has no connection to the Suzuki novel.   This film also has nothing to do with The Ring Two, the sequel to the US remake of Ring (confused yet?)  

This film picks up several days after the conclusion of the first film, and reunited the first film's director, Nakata, and many of the cast.   Mai Takano (played by Miki Nakatana) is a young research assistant, who is investigating the mysterious fate of her boss, and, with the aid of a newspaper reporter, comes into contact with the cursed video and her boss's young child Yoichi (Rikiya Otaka) who has a powerful psychic ability and whose strong feelings of rage and fear have the ability to summon the vengeful spirit Sadako Yamamura (Rie Ino), who is behind the Ring curse. 

The film really seems to have divided people, and a lot of people really don't seem to like it, but I did, it's not as good as the first one, and there is nothing in this film that is as iconic as the conclusion of Ring.  It's not a scary film, it's more of a supernatural mystery, but it is atmospheric.


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