EVOL-ution: Lead with Love



Is it just a coincidence that the word love is spelled backwards in evolution? Or perhaps another mysterious synchronicity. When I decided to write about love, it was 12:34pm, a progressive number pattern. Let's begin...

Love is the only path to our evolution.

Fear does not lead people to their own greatness. People may abide by laws created from authority figures, but this does not plant the seed for true morals and conscience, only the experience of love can do that. Remove the source of fear for those without morals, and there will be chaos behind closed doors. Only an artificial conscience is created using the fear of punishment. A higher society would be one that does not have to use violent methods in an effort to control. Yes, we would still have organized systems, even the human body is a system, but it would not be rooted in the fear of punishment, and the imbalance of power we see today. Where there is an imbalance of power, we frequently find corruption, abuse and exploitation. When our governments, education systems, and other ruling institutions begin to lead with empathy, compassion and love, we will start to see a long-lasting positive change in society.

Violence begets violence. As an example, if you spank a child, you only teach that child to hit. As authorities continue to take more militant approaches to dealing with misguided youth, gangs, and criminals, instead of directing resources into rehabilitation, education, empowerment, (meaning a 'hand up' not a 'hand out') we will continue to see a morally sick society.

We all seek love at our core, it is what makes life worthwhile. In the absence of love, there is only addiction. Many of us have not learned how to love, even though it is our most natural and healthy state to be in on a physical, emotional, and spiritual level. Money, power, drugs, food, sex, fame and glory, are all attempts to substitute love, but they never quite fill the void, and only create a bottomless pit of need.

Love is wanting to see people grow into their higher selves. This is done authentically through inspiration, empowerment, equality, and respect. What we see today is a more violent, fear-based approach to leadership in the public education systems, in the workplace, etc. Do children not do better with a heart-centered teacher who believes in them? Instead of a teacher who uses a fear-based leadership style, which is belittling, restraining, and overpowering? True leadership is to model what we want to see in the world, it has nothing to do with control.

Lead with love, not fear.

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