Why Self Teaching/Learning Is Better Than Having A Teacher



My 2-Cents Worth On The Matter

*You are entitled to disagree on the points because they are only my opinions on the matter.*

Does being self taught, regardless of whatever skill or area of expertise, bear greater benefits as compared to having a coach, trainer, teacher, consultant, guru or what-have-you actually guide you towards attaining a certain desired skill or attribute?

My straightforward answer is, "Yes". Below are my reasons why.

1) You'll Have A Greater Sense Of Satisfaction When The Goal Is Reached

Being able to accomplish something without any help is a very liberating and uplifting experience. The feelings that one experiences at the end of the process is that of relief, excitement, and pride. The fact of actually knowing that the goal was achieved puts all doubts to rest. It'll be like as if a tonne of weight was just lifted off your shoulders and your confidence level takes a spike upwards.

2) It Makes You More Driven

Compared to having a coach or teacher, being self taught forces you to go to extreme lengths and beyond to do whatever it takes to achieve your objective(s). Because of the uncertainty of not knowing how far the pursuit would take, you and most others would likely adopt a "give it all" attitude in working towards the goal. In the process, you may actually learn alot faster and also ending up learning alot more.

Comparing this to engaging a coach or teacher, the learner would have a much higher tendency to adopt an overly reliant attitude towards the learning, therefore limiting the potential of actually being able to absorb a whole lot more material. Take this statement for example, "I'll just wait for the teacher to explain things to me." Doesn't that seem more reactive as compared to "I'm gonna Google and find out why".

3) It Promotes Independence (Kind of an effect from the above point no. 2)

Let's face it, it is just plain pathetic if you are and adult who's above 21 years of age and still depending on others to spoon feed you on your own learning journey, whatever the course may be. Being able to learn something from scratch (having no prior knowledge to the matter at all) speaks volumes of your character. It gives assurance and confidence in the colleagues you work with.

4) You May Inspire Others To Do The Same

When others take notice of the magnitude of your accomplishments, they would be inspired. Why is it that you are the one who is reaping the rewards and receiving all the recognition? It is traced back to that point in time when you decided to take action and get the ball rolling for yourself.

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