Chaotic Order



Labels create division. Division creates hate. Hate creates violence, and love can't save us anymore.

I'm sick of the labels. Since the dawn of time there has been a struggle for power. Someone always has to be better than someone else, and equality is never equal. Worldwide, people judge each other's character on their religion, the color of their skin, their sense of humor, how much they weigh, how many children they have... the list could go on forever really. In the United States, you're basically free to be who you want, but sometimes it becomes unclear of what a persons "rights" are based off of the same inane character labels — sexuality, how many times you've been married, and in the past — mixed race marriages as well. There are parts of the world, though, that kill you for these things that I consider silly, and so I'm thankful that I do have as many options as I do to pursue happiness. I don't know how the rest of the world works, but sometimes it feels like someone forgot to stir the melting pot. Bigots have stuck to the side and now they're burned on and we have to put our hands in the fire to scrape them off with a steel wool square.

Like I said, we've gone millennia fighting over whether or not this or that is right or wrong. I don't want God to be taken out of the schools, though I hold no religious standpoint. However, I don't feel that my family and I are heathens because we don't attend church, either. Sometimes it seems as if the atheists and agnostics are the only ones that can just get along... but that's not true, either.

All of these labels are only put on us for malicious reasons. You have to be gay, straight, man or woman, black or white. There is no YOU or ME because there is no person that is JUST anything. Personally, the only labels I'm concerned with are killer, rapist, abuser, child abductor, molester, and corruption. Those titles usually only lead you to the others when you find somebody that possesses one.

When I go into the world, I'm not looking for the gay man that might molest my child, the black chick that might try to steal my wallet, the transgender using the restroom, or the man that could overpower me enough to stuff me in his trunk. I see a person, and I judge that person on their actions and words that they might speak. Don't get me wrong, I'm looking for kidnappers and killers... pretty much everywhere I go. The world we live in is crazy, and you can never be too careful. A sketchy character could look like a white-bred Christian that is too heterosexual. More than likely, he or she is lurking in the corners, and you missed them, whatever the label you may choose for them. 

We celebrate Halloween, but I see trick-or-treating as bad "stranger danger" practice and my child will not participate in that particular activity. (There are many other, much more fun things I have planned for him in the future.) How many times have you checked the sex offender list before you left your house? They are everywhere, and they look like everyone. They're the ones we're after, not the peaceful people trying to get married and minding their own business or the ones performing "perversions" with consenting adults. Coming across a list of serial killers that have possibly crossed through your town would be even harder to find... go ahead I'll wait while you look for one.

If I had to guess what the main fears in the United States are they would be: cops, black people, white people, and Muslims (judged mostly by language and appearance — there are people that came here and adopted another religion), in no particular order. Meanwhile, crimes are still committed and many go unreported or undiscovered altogether because law enforcement is forced to deal with issues race by race, sexuality by sexuality, and gender by gender. Aside from that, their lives are at risk more than ever because some corrupted officers (see how I fixed that label there?) did terrible things. 

Last week, as I drove home from the gas station, I drove past an accident. As traffic slowed, I saw the white woman and the car that was hit, the black woman who had hit her, and the white police officer that was walking up to the incident. (No one was hurt.) You could see it on everyone's face. The white girl was as far away from the black girl as she could get as she made a phone call to whoever it was she needed to notify, and the cop just knew this was gonna be "she did this, she did that situation" even though it was a clear rear-ending and the black girl was going to take the insurance hit no matter what. I didn't get to see the conversation, but the scene reeked of racism. Had it been me, I'd be fine knowing that no one was hurt and let the insurance deal with the fault. If the PERSON that got out of their car tried to blame me for them hitting me from behind, then there's an issue and it has nothing to do with her gender, race, or whatever religion she may have been. I don't like manipulative people, and I have no problem placing that label where it's appropriate.

I won't say that I want it back to the way that it was, because we've always had these problems. The upper class blames the lower class for our country's problems and the lower class hates the upper for what they have done to our country. In reality, we're all supposed to be working together to better humanity. We just keep tearing it down, and eventually someone is going to hit a button that will cause catastrophic effects for all of us. Lately, I feel like it would just be to say the other guy didn't get to hit his button before he flew away in ashes.

I hate when the census comes to take tally of my town. How many these, how many those... and I swear if I have to hear the words "white privilege" because I'm a white girl that lives in a white town one more time — I'm going to scream. When I opened my online browsing to global, the chaos swelled — as I knew it would. Closing the door isn't so easy when there's the same problems in another free world. We're supposed to be setting the example. Instead of worrying about the number of Muslims arrested we should be asking if those people actually promoted terror or if there is someone bigger and badder behind it all. I've heard the most terrible things said about these people, and coming into contact with a person of Muslim faith in real life in an entirely different story. I've had my encounters, but my encounter with what anyone else would consider a stereotype is just an encounter with an unsettling character for me. Sketchy white people hang around my town all the time. They steal, rape, and murder. So, when someone stops me while I'm on a walk to whisper and ask me "How many black people move in around here?", it's one of my favorite things to do when I send them to the side of town that they are sure to encounter many pleasant black, Mexican, or Muslim people... depending on their concerns, of course.

There are gay people that hate straight people, black people that hate white people, black people that hate black people who like white people, those that sympathize with immigrants from Pakistan, but we're all living from the same fear of murder, rape, and theft of freedom. The hate needs to stop. There is no forceful way to do this, guns won't work. I don't want to be divided up, because what happens to me is that I would end up sneaking everywhere to see all my friends, people that I consider family. We all just want our families to be safe, and it's not the gays, the whites, the blacks, or anyone else that this any less true for. When justice must be served, it should be just. A rapist is not only a rapist if he (or she, don't even get me started...) is poor. They're not any less dangerous because they have money and a prestigious position in the community. Corruption needs to come to an end, and murder will follow with a small portion of the rape. With only the rapists to worry about... what will we do with ourselves besides love each other?

I will admit only to "American Privilege". (I made it up, because labels are ridiculous.) Know that if I don't like you it's not for any other reason than we clash as people or you fell into one of the categories I deemed malicious. If I accuse you of something, it's because I thought you did it not because I thought you did it because you were...(fill it in with that label).


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