I was talking to my niece and her aunt yesterday and my niece said something that struck me. She said her brother (my nephew) said our medicines have natural products in them! The she said her fiancé said most of our medicines are tested against placebos!! Now the first statement is probably not true!! Why because BIG PHARMA want to produce these medicines as cheaply as possible! Natural products would require plants and plants would require cultivation and massive amounts land and this would slow the manufacturing process down tremendously. No BIG PHARMA puts no natural products in our medicines at all. BIG PHARMA only use chemicals because chemicals can be produced in labs cheaply. Now opiates come from plants but these plants are grown in other places and shipped to America so that's where my nephew probably got his opinion. So these medicines are cooked up in a lab by a chemist from chemicals and feed to a trusting unsuspecting American public!! Now testing these medications against placebos is totally believable. I was told as much by a pharmaceutical representative. She told me that companies did not want to test their meds against another company's meds because an unfavorable outcome could result in a loss of revenue and that will never do!!! So to recap these medicines are cooked up in a lab not by medical doctors but by chemists then they are tested against a placebo, then they are pushed on a trusting unsuspecting American public!!! This public is told to listen to and trust your doctor and take your DAMN MEDS!!!




Rhonda L. Jackson

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