Have you ever stopped how much impact your posture is contributing to your stress?

Have you ever stopped how much impact your posture is contributing to your stress?
In today’s world, too much sitting has become a problem. Most people are sitting for about nine hours a day. It is even being referred to as the new smoking.
You see when we sit our bodies are put into a closed down posture. This has an effect on blood flow to the organs, and a shortening of muscles. When the muscles are placed in this position for long periods, this is the position where they learn to live. While most people think it’s their age, or genetics or just a part of life, it is tightness in the muscles, joints and fascia that contributes mostly to pain.
As we’ve talked in previous mailings about headaches, let’s use this as an example. While contributing factors to headaches can include dehydration and mental stress, it is common to have the shoulders raised slightly, thus shortening them, but goes without notice. The muscles across the top of the shoulders run up the neck and attach to the skull.
So as we now know that the muscles live in the position where they spend the most time, they pull on the skull when we try to relax. Regular stretching that specifically targets these muscles is the most effective way to resolve tension headaches. Releasing trigger points, and applying massage to the head, neck and shoulders are also a good option when the problem is ongoing.
So next time you feel aches and pains, take a break, check your posture, move more and start stretching regularly.
Doing these simple things will greatly reduce physical, mental and emotional stress in your life, and allow you to be more productive with less effort.
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