Why do I waste my time?



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Why do I waste my time?
Why do I contemplate such futile things?


Why do I spend hours in a day thinking of what the air smelt like and shades of sunburst the skies sang in the beginning of time? What would be the use in my mind meandering among the concepts of time, space, and the color blue?

Almost every young and vulnerable conversation I have with a newcomer in my life, ends with the question:

Why do you always get so deep?

And I really don’t mean to evoke uneasiness or irritation, even less so anxiety or anger. I don’t mean to waste your time by including you in my thoughts. To me it would be a gift to have you do the same. But I understand that different interests build a home in different minds.

I was sitting in my philosophy of religion class today, listening to different arguments for whether existence is a presupposed characteristic for entities our minds have conceptualized and it just hit me. Suddenly, I sat there listening from the perspectives of my countless conversationalists who weren’t at all amused by my questions. What a load of crap right? Existence! Why the hell wouldn’t something exist?

Whether you buy into these schools of thought or not, it’s gold. You learn how to think for yourself purely because it rids you of your parents’ facts and teachers’ corrections and helps you to find out what you would have believed without their influence. It gives you an opportunity to listen to the world’s advice and have the freedom not to follow it.

If I could have learned this lesson earlier (in terms of personal advice alone) I would be a wiser person by now, without doubt.

If we evolved to become photosynthesizing organisms, what would the social impact be on our race?

Who cares! Because it really doesn’t matter does it? Tough the thought of weight loss being coupled with an umbrella really won’t shake your world, ask someone else what their first reaction to this statement is and it opens up a bit of their soul to you. Ask yourself the same questions and you might be surprised to get to know yourself a little bit better too.

I don’t waste my time thinking of trivial things. No, I’m just trying to get to know myself, while wondering what my alien friends would look like if we ever had the chance to meet. It’s far more entertaining than reading Freud, and I love Freud.


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