Our Precious Democracy!! by Rhonda L. Jackson



Our Precious Democracy

As Americans we think our democracy is powerful and strong and in destructive! We think that what we have can not be destroyed! I mean we are the most powerful nation the world!! We have the most wealth, we have the largest military, the best medical facilities, we have the most freedoms America is the best! We are sooooo great that we take our form of democracy and try to force it on others especially when they have something we want like oil! (IJS) There is no way AMERICA could ever resemble Nazi Germany or Hitler's fascists regime.  Well let's just see about that! Are we really a strong democracy?  Are we really invulnerable to the evils of Nazi Germany?  St. Ronald Reagan killed the unions thus killing the white middle class on a theory of trickle down economics that America has proven DOES NOT WORK!!!! Now the republicans want to try out some new theories such as getting rid of the IRS because they say they want a smaller federal government!!! REALLY??? We have a impotent EPA under the guise of a smaller government and cities all over America are drinking tainted water with all kinds of pollutants in it!  Now just to be clear you may buy bottled water but you still bathe and cook with the tainted stuff coming from you faucets!!! I watched a Trump rally yesterday where BLACK LIVES MATTER protesters were thrown  out and a photographer was choked and thrown to the floor by secret service this had a strong resemblance to the gestapo! Trump supporters says he tells the truth. I say he is a very rich business man can he really be trusted?? Truth is our democracy is very fragile deserve our vigilance!!!

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