the thrill of the stance



Finding peace doesn't free you from unethical and morally compromised situations.

 The thrill of the stance

I don’t think finding peace frees you from unethical and morally compromised situations. People will still take you for a ride in a 1989 toyota tercel and try to convince you its a 2017 porsche cayenne.

There will still be loads of bullshit circulating around, and if you’re like me, you will have a hard time letting it fall through you without being consumed by it.

But finding a semblance of peace in this chaotic world opens the door to you being capable of not losing your shit when someone tries to fling their crap at you.

And it keeps you from flinging it back.

Here’s the thing: standing up for yourself is a bit of a thrill. Especially when it’s done well. As in, well said. Well written. Or well thought out.

In my case, well-seasoned, thanks to rumination.

But finding peace doesn’t mean standing on the side lines anymore. It means actively participating in situations that aren’t always ideal, holding tightly to the comfort that knowing it’s OK to speak up when you feel something unjust has occurred, brings.

I have avoided uncomfortable scenarios for quite some time, in an attempt to counterbalance all the over-reactive, hyper aggressive stances I’ve taken in the past.

But now I’m feeling it. I’m feeling the thrill of the stance.

And I’m realizing it’s perfectly OK to say f** that to the BS, albeit in a less abrasive, more professional way. 


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