Darkness .. Had a long night there .. Remembering every single moment of My wonderful life .. Thinking may kill sometimes .. But it makes us feel powerful too .. Cuz staying there Alone lookin' at stars shining in the huge dark sky .. Makes you remember all your mistakes but also .. All your powerful moments ... I See pictures of too many people And then evaluating every single moment happened with each person .. And then i evaluate what i did .. Should i live them? Should i stay? What's right? What's wrong? Who they are? Why do they exist in My life? Lights are starting to Come out .. Morning soon .. What a beautiful picture .. It says something too .. "After every dark night .. There's a brighter day" .. So after every bad moment there's solution .. After every sadness there's happiness ! Someone told me one day "Build the door" .. The door of some feelings i was searchin' for .. After that day i was thinking about that door .. Maybe it's gonna exist one day .. But not now .. When your mind Shout loudly You need to speak up .. Sometimes You feel things You can't tell .. But You can show in your way .. 


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