Conscious vs Conscience



Another attempt at understanding or rather elevating the the difference between an individual's Conscious vs Conscience

While divinity has no definite meaning, forever and always have been the two synonyms that walk together differently but simultaneously..

A dime of thought and to envelop the quagmire of living, let’s understand what the difference between conscience and consciousness is…

Your conscience is what makes you feel guilty when you do bad things, but your consciousness is your awareness. If you are awake, you are conscious. Although it is possible to speak of your “conscious mind,” you can’t use “conscience” all by itself to mean “consciousness.”

Both words have to do with the mind, but it's more important to be conscious, or awake, than conscience, or aware of right and wrong. For instance it’s to remain conscious while listening to your friend's moral dilemma so you can use your conscience to give good advice.

Conscious, means being aware of yourself or the world around you. It also means being sensitive to something or being awake, not asleep or insensible:

For e.g.: Witnesses say he was bleeding profusely but conscious and talking.

Or, He was even horribly conscious of the snake coming nearer to sting him.

Conscience, is a moral understanding, an inner feeling, of what is or could be right and wrong. If you were a cartoon, your conscience would be that little angel on your shoulder, telling you the right thing to do (and to ignore the little devil on the other side). See the word in action:

To mock the reality even harder another example would be “They went out guiltily, as men whose consciences troubled them.”


My gut told me I was about to lose.

To help keep conscious and conscience straight, try emphasizing the second and in conscience, remembering that the conscience deals with your inner thoughts.

What is consciousness..? A scientist’s perspective …

A good analogy of consciousness is explained here with the example taken from the works of Giulio Tononi. Imagine the difference between the image of an apple to your brain and a digital camera. The raw image is the same whether on a camera screen or in your head. The camera treats each pixel independently and doesn’t recognise an object. Your brain, however, will combine parts of the image to identify an object, that it is an apple and that it is food. Here, the camera can be seen as ‘unconscious’ and the brain as ‘conscious’.

It is of how the brain processes the information…

This is defined differently by every field…. However the true profundity remains not fully justified…. 

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