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When I take time periods to cleanse the body, my friends say: ‘’Kim are you sure you don’t want a smoke/ you sure you don’t want a drink?? How come? Why aren’t you drinking, you’re not an alcoholic so it doesn’t matter even if your being healthy- just enjoy the party. ’’ Ironically when I’m making the choice to stay sober and eat well, I am often asked ‘’Kim- are you on drugs?’’- erm no, not today. Today I’m just high on life :) . My top response to either of these questions at a sober state (as many of my friends will know) is usually an energetic and seemingly sarcastic burst of ‘’I’m cleansing my chakras – danooooo!!!’’’ or ‘’Decalcifying my pineal gland init ;).’’ Omg Kim you radge pot, I love you- but what the fuck are you on about- what even is a pineal gland? Isn’t that in your throat? Well no it’s in the brain and is the location of a 'chakra'. People often ask me what are the Chakra’s, the answer I give is usually simple. That it is an invisible energy center within the body. Though the actual answer is longer, I usually say ‘‘it relates to health of the spirit mind and body, though if you want to know more you can read about it as it would take time to describe’’. I was asked to blog my answer last week, so here goes:

The concept of chakras is said to originate from ancient Indian culture. Chakra translates to the meaning spinning wheel. The spinning wheel refers to a non visible energy which flows through the body, which also connects humans to wider reality than the physical body. Some refer to such energy as spirit energy, others refer to an aura. Auras are said to have an electromagnetic energy. The vibration frequencies (or energy if you like) of the chakras at the base of each aura, therefore have associated colours. Sounds have vibrations, as do wavelengths of light. For example the vibration of the 1st (the root) chakra is said to be 400-484 THz range, which on the visible light spectrum is the colour red. There are up to 11 chakras, though there are 7 main ones. In addition to colour, different body parts are associated with each chakra. With the addition of modern biological science, the proposed locations of the chakras within the body correlate with associated endocrine glands. The energy is said to operate in pendulum, here’s what the wiktionary says about that word
A pendulum = ‘’a weight hung from a fixed point so that it can swing freely, especially a rod with a weight at the end that regulates the mechanism of a clock. The word is also used to refer to the tendency of a situation to oscillate between one extreme and another. ’’ If a chakra becomes blocked, then the another chakra may as a result become under, or overactive, whilst the blocked. When this occurs the chakra system is termed unbalanced. So when I say I’m working on cleansing chakras, I really mean unblocking them. Often I say this with a twang of sarcasm, because to me it doesn’t matter if people believe in chakras or not. Weather one believes the chakras exist or not, the practices used to unblocking chakras generally includes those which improve general health and wellbeing. Chakras are not physical, though imbalance in the energy supposedly translates into physical or emotional manifestations.

If all chakras a balanced and higher consciousness is achieved, it is said that a person may feel or manifest the qualities of; unity, connection to all life, sincerity, warmth, peace, willingness to help, balance and love. An imbalance may lead to a person feeling and/or acting; withdrawn, judgmental, lonely, rejected, intolerant, isolated and lacking empathy.

Anyway I haven’t really described what they are until I describe what they are said to relate to- so here goes....

ROOT (1st)

The most basal chakra is associated with learning the art of self preservation, in that humans — therefore one’s self, has the right to live/ to be here. It is associated also with the reproductive glands in the endocrine system, and the colour red. Eating and digestive disorders are associated with the imbalance of this chakra, as is pain or illness in the body below the hips. When balanced, one should feel grounded, supported, and safe. When imbalanced emotions which affect basic survival needs are negatively affected. If a person tends to be fearful or nervous the Root Chakra is proposedly under-active. If the root chakra on the other hand is over-active, a person might be very materialistic.

SACRAL (2nd) Chakra

This chakra is associated with the colour orange, and with the Adrenal glands. The lesson to learn is to honor others. Pain or problems with sexual organs, other lower organs are said to be physical manifestations of imbalances in this chakra. Whilst the emotional manifestations relate to commitment, desire, emotional expression and fun. It is said to be unblocked if a person open to intimacy and can be passionate. If a person is un-open to others, or unemotional it is likely to be underactive. If this Chakra is over active a person might tend to be frequently highly emotional, or might feel emotionally attached to others in addition to being very sexual.

SOLAR PLEXUS (3rd) Chakra

Is associated with the colour yellow, and with the pancreas, in addition to being associated with the lesson of self acceptance. Supposed physical manifestations of imbalances include: stomach ulcers, high blood pressure, liver dysfunction, chronic fatigue, diabetes, pancreas and gallbladder issues. Emotional difficulties include issues of self-esteem relating to appearance, rejection, or general criticism. When the sacral chakra is balanced, a person may feel assertive/ confident, have self-respect and self-compassion. If this Chakra is under-active there is liklehood that an individual will be passive and indecisive. If it is overactive it a person may be domineering.

HEART (4th) Chakra

The associated colour is green, gland is the thymus gland, and lesson is love. This chakra governs heart, blood , lungs, physical manifestations can occur here, in the lymphs, breasts, arms, and upper back ailments. Emotional imbalances relating to this chakra include; over-loving and suffocating love which are signs of an overactive chakra. Then there are the fear of being alone, jealousy, abandonment, and bitterness, which relate to an underactive chakra. When the heart chakra is balanced and open one might feel gratitude, love, joy, compassion. Forgiveness becomes easier.

THROAT (5th) chakra

The associated gland is the Thyroid. Opening the blue chakra offers the lesson of letting the voice be heard. Physical manifestations of imbalance are said to be problems with the lower face, throaght, and ears. Emotional ones are: fearing lack of power and choice. Having little willpower. When this chakra is open and balanced, words, expression and communication flows freely honestly and firmly, whilst maintaining the ability to listen well. If this Chakra is under-active one will likely be introverted and shy, lack of truth may cause the chakra to become blocked. On the other hand if it is overactive one will likely be a bad listener, who talks a lot, but keeps others distant.

THIRD EYE (6th) chakra

Is associated with the pituitary gland and produces hormones which governs the function of previous five glands described. It is associated with the colour indigo, in addition to lesson of seeing the bigger picture. The pineal gland is also said to be linked to both the 6th in addition to the 7th chakra. Physical imbalances include, blurred vision, sinus conjestion, eyestrain, headaches, seizures, hearing and hormonal problems. Non physical imbalances are said to manifest as moodiness, an inability to look internally, or to learn from others. Under-activity might cause one to rely on the authority of others and might be narrow minded, or easily confused. On the other side of the scale if it is overactive, a person might daydream often, and become dissociated. When the chakra is balanced one feels clear, focused, open to learning, and has the intuition to determine between truth and illusion. When it is open one may tend to fantasise, though not obsessively.

CROWN (7th) chakra

Is associated with the colour violet. The lesson is to live mindfully. The pineal gland is associated with the 7th chakra and regulates biological cycles, including sleep. Imbalances include light and sound, and other environmental sensitivities, depression, inability to learn. Emotional ones include lack self-knowledge and greater power. Imbalances arise from rigid thoughts on religion or spirituality, prejudices, confusion, over analysing, and fear of alienation. When this chakra is balanced, we live in the present moment. We have an unshakeable trust in our inner guidance. If the chakra is underactive one is unlikely to be spiritually aware. If it is overactive one will likely be a rigid and overly analytical thinker, though overactive crown chakras can also manifest into a person being addicted to spirituality whilst ignoring physical needs. When the chakra is open one can become wiser and more at one with the universe.

Peace out mofo’s

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