Gratitude and Desire



How do gratitude and desire go hand in hand when they seem like polar opposites?

I've asked myself time and time again throughout my life, how can you feel gratitude and at the same time want more? How do you express your genuine gratitude and manifest your hearts desires at the same time?

Many writings about manifestation talk about gratitude MORE than they talk about desire. Why is that? 


You have to create a positive attitude of gratitude to attract your desires. Like attracts like. Fully immersing yourself in gratitude allows you to live a life of inspiration, creativity and presence. There is a sense of calm and peace that comes with gratitude. Desire pulls you to grow and take action. After all, even when we are grateful, we still want more.  This constant movement from gratitude and desire, and inspiration and action allows us to move forward, and at the same time stay present. The balance between the two is vital to growth.  Refusing to make plans and think of the future might create stagnation, whereas too much desire and focus on the future might create hopelessness and powerlessness. We have very little control over future events. Having a practice where we are constantly experiencing both gratitude and desire is ideal.

One practice that I have enjoyed in manifesting a new car: I show gratitude for my current car by taking care of it, cleaning it, and when I'm driving, I thank my car for getting me safely from one place to another.  When I see others that have the car I want, I say "Thank you for surrounding me with what I want and creating a world where others can have these marvelous things." In this case, I am feeling strong gratitude, and strong desire. I feel the magnetic pull.

What practices do you do to feel that deep seeded sense of gratitude and manifest your dreams?

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