Greed is Insidious!! by Rhonda L. Jackson



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Greed requires small minds to flourish! Now, know for sure that a small mind IS NOT synonymous with being stupid or dumb!! In fact small minded people can be very accomplished! I believe we can all be small minded at some point in our lives!! The small mind is concerned with people (somebody's else's business). We live at a time when reality shows are all the rage! Most of these shows are just a peer into other people's lives. The problem with peering into other people's lives we tend to stop looking at our own lives!! Greed needs a small mind to flourish. Greed needs for us to be distracted by same sex marriage or what someone may or may not be saying behind your back or some other distraction to continue to feed unabated. So what can we do? I say stop talking about other people and start talking about a concept an idea stop being distracted!!!

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