The (Orchestrated) Fall of Man



Why humanity is headed toward self-extinction

There is a thin blurry line between science and science fiction. Anyone familiar with the works of writers such as Clarke, Asimov, Bradbury, Dick, Huxley or Orwell (among others) can attest to this. The intellects that produced works that accurately predicted space travel, communications satellites, robotics and social engineering were akin to modern day prophets. Beyond their fantasies, the details of how people and things would function in a time beyond (their time) was truly visionary.

Similarly, physicists like Newton, Einstein, Curie and Hawking (and many, many more) predicted and detailed the mechanics of how things worked, in most cases, well before science could prove their theories.

In more recent times, CEOs of technology companies like Jobs, Gates and Musk spearheaded the efforts to actualize the predictions and theories of the science fiction writers and physicists, respectively.

All of these individuals, and all of this work, was performed by people who were schooled in a manner much different than the education system currently in place in America.

Hold that thought, and let's flash back a couple of thousand years or so, to a time where most people on this planet did not have an education. An era where kings, emperors and religious leaders controlled societies -- centuries of bloody conquest, deadly diseases, despotic rule -- leading to feudalism, colonialism and slavery.

Our ancestors did not have access to the knowledge of their time (or their past). Great libraries like the one in Alexandria were restricted, and eventually destroyed. Only the elite had scrolls, and eventually books. The accumulated history of life on this planet was held by perhaps only several hundred -- maybe a thousand individuals living in castles, estates or the Vatican. The only exposure to stories of the before times was limited to religious books or theatrical performances. The flow of information was controlled by the powers that be; and this lasted for a very long time.

Enter the modern era... Improvements in the printing process, the creation of the telegraph, then radio, and eventually television -- all led to a broader dispersement of information to an ever-growing number of people. And with that knowledge, people started to question those ruling over them -- both politically and religiously.

By the 1960s, people began to demand an end to social injustice and war. The civil rights, labor and feminist movements were in full force. People were starting to "turn on, tune in, drop out." The very fabric of society was unraveling -- from the family structure to politics to the churches. People had once again eaten the, so called, forbidden fruit from the "Tree of Knowledge."

So just like so many years before, those self-appointed leaders of the billions of people on the Earth decided they needed to intervene to squash the rebellion. And they did. There were political assignations, the Kent State killings, drug laws passed, mass arrests; and eventually an illusion of capitulation by ending the Vietnam War and enforcement of the Civil Rights Act.

But things weren't all exactly what they seemed... To replace the previous control over the masses by organized religion and the state; those that have always enslaved us had dreamed up a new form of domination. Their focus would now be on using the education system and information technology to maintain their power.

Soon they began to consolidate school systems -- creating a hierarchy of administrators. Every school district now had administration buildings with, in many cases, more administrators than teachers. They controlled what books would be given to students, the curriculum, testing, structure of classrooms; basically, controlling every aspect of the education process -- for both student and teacher.

Prior to this, a school consisted of a principal, a few office workers and a janitor. And as mentioned above, everyone from Albert Einstein to Issac Asimov and Steve Jobs to Bill Gates came up through this type of school system. In other words, the individuals responsible for the modern world we live in, were schooled under an educational model that was declared obsolete and flawed. There's something wrong with that picture.

Over the following decades corporate-financial interests gained a stranglehold over the political systems in western civilizations. Countless laws were passed to benefit the aristocrats and enslave the populous. The media was used to sooth and divert the masses into believing that things were getting better. But with each passing year millions more people were struggling. There were endless wars, neglect of the infrastructure, increases in the "cost of living" and taxes. In effect, there was a return to Feudalism, though most were oblivious to it -- due to government propaganda and media diversions. It has been called neo-Feudalism, wage-slavery, and a few other things; whatever you want to call it, it meant misery for the majority of people living on the Earth.

Then came the internet... Suddenly, billions of people had access to information that previously was reserved for nobility -- the stuff no longer taught in the public schools. All sorts of ideas about freedom and justice began circulating among the average Joe and Josie. They started to realize that maybe what they were taught in school, heard from politicians, and broadcast on the nightly news, wasn't the full story; and in  many cases, wasn't even true. The potential for a 1960s-style revolution was brewing; and it had to be stopped.

So just as in previous times, be it despotic rule, organized religion, media propaganda or political double-speak; it was decided to use the very thing that had unleashed the seeds of rebellion to quell it.

Enter the smartphone... While only in existence for a decade; it, along with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram (and all of the others), now consumed nearly every "free" if not waking, moment of the oppressed. The device, with its SIM card, tracked everyone, shared their private information with corporations and the government; but most importantly, kept them constantly busy and diverted by addicting them to living only in "the now." Whatever was trending, would spread like the old "wave" in football stadiums. Items would be posted and re-posted, tweeted and re-tweeted, liked but not capable of being un-liked. Finally those that have enchained mankind over the millennia had found the ultimate means of controlling the masses. Better than conquest and fear of torture, better than religion and the fear of eternal damnation, better than laws and threat of imprisonment -- even better than mind control through media and propaganda. A simple rectangular device that fit in the hand or pocket of everyone would be humankind's undoing.

But the story doesn't end there... Blinded by technology, the maniacal megalomaniacs began to wallow in their achievement. They pursued more technologies to gain more information and control over their serfs. They even pursued eternal life through merging man with machine, artificial intelligence and nano-biological technology. But they missed one thing. In their relentless pursuit of more power and life-extension, they forgot that they were humans themselves. Through their own meddling with nature, they retarded the growth of the human brain, and the adaptation of the body to changes in the environment.

The overuse of drugs like antibiotics and anti-psychotics were creating super bugs and untreatable brain disorders. The over-processing of foods were causing increases in heart disease and diabetes. There were shortages of fresh water, contamination of fish and farm animals. Cancer deaths increased. Technology was replacing jobs at a time when the population was growing almost exponentially. Poverty and hunger was on the rise. Endless wars created millions of refugees whose cities were turned to rubble.

And while all of this (and much more) was going on, people clung to their smartphones and immersed themselves in their apps. Sometimes they would look up to binge watch their HDTV, but they would quickly look down, so they could "share" what they were doing.

First came dystopia for billions of people -- that is today -- in the inner cities and rural America, on the African continent, in India, South America and throughout Asia. People dying of curable diseases or lack of food and water. People unable to work because there are no jobs. People being killed because of corporate-state interest in their land or resources. That is what is going on right now for billions of people on this planet. And it is spreading like a virus to more and more people, in more and more places, day by day.

There is no solution to this man-made disaster. There's no technology that is going to lift more than half of the world's seven and a half billion (7,500,000,000) people out of poverty and lives of desperation. And even if there were solutions, they would never see the light of day, because the powers that be wouldn't have it.

There is no profit in health, only profit in disease. There is no profit in allowing people to have access to fresh water, only profit in selling bottled water to them. There is no profit in allowing people to be farmers, when billions are being made by the agricultural conglomerates.

I put it to you now, that the extinction of humans has been brought about by only several thousand individuals. Those so self-centered, so intoxicated with power and the accumulation of material things, that they have lost all there is to be human. They are without empathy, and they are responsible for the suffering of billions.

And while there are those (like myself) that try to remove ourselves as much as we can from the dystopian society they have created for us; the oppressors continue to pick at us, over-charge us, tax us and regulate our every activity. Any freedom we have will be short-lived, because they are relentless in their pursuit of total control over every living thing on this planet.

As I said many times before, I wish you a good existence, happiness where you can find it, and peace and harmony with nature. Seek the truth if you can find it. Eat healthy and try to stay stress free.

We had so much potential as a species, but I'm afraid that unfortunately we chose the wrong path. Maybe next time...



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