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“I am a meta novel about stomach, brain and thought. On the chaotic human reality. Not everything is true, not all are ghosts, not all is invention in what is written and drawn in these pages. Enjoy it!”


SKULL DANCE – The Chamberlain Bookstore

Until my age of seven my mother had already read me almost all classics of children’s literature by the edge of my sleep. Alice in Wonderland – Lewis Carrol, The Adventures of Tom Sawyer – Mark Twain, Grimm’s Fairy Tales – Wilhelm and Jacob Grimm, Perrault Fairy Tales – Charles Perrault, The Tales of Hans Christian Andersen — Hans Christian Andersen, Peter Pan – James Barrie.

That world used to fascinate me, all that fantastic universe where everything could happen. I got the feeling that everything was possible, and life was a matter of imagination. 

My father was a journalist and he faced his profession with determination very early. As an audacious man in his professional preferences, he left to Amazonia searching the reporting that would become in one of the most amazing stories about the world of floral medication patents. 

The reporting journey became home and marriage later on. With my mom’s death, he decided to settle in Amazonia and became an international correspondent.

It was so I came to Brazil, and that is the beginning of my other story.

My father got married to Atiara, a great indigenous chief’s daughter from low Xingu and I was presented with another mother who also loved telling stories, my luxury mom, enchanted.

Atiara means “A Thread of Light” in indigenous language. And she had a right to this name. That explains how good was being close to her. Her stories were fantastic and full of mystery.

Those stories are significant in indigenous nations, they’ve got the power of indoctrinate the young indigenous and the most unsociable ones. Some stories were created from true events which took place where their ancestors had lived. Among the members of the tribe, those who exceled, by the power, goodness, charity and other deeds, became enchanted. 

Other stories refer to the flora and fauna of the region. According to the indigenous believes, every plants and animals, rivers, bayous, lakes, waterfalls and sea, every one of them carries their own guardian, and that demands respect and inspire fear.

I do remember, every day I looked forward to the nightfall to swim in the river. I got the waterside and hurried to sit next to Atiara waiting for the story. Then, I ran into the water and, with a diving, I delivered the story to the fish. I had to hurry, if I took long, the fish would die of hungry.

I grew up and went to São Paulo to study. I majored in Psychology with specialization in Psychoanalysis. By the time I exercised my profession, I was introduced to the husband of one of my patients, a botanical who searched the power of hallucinogen plants. Our conversations fascinated me and they rescued all of those allegory of my childhood.

I worked hard and acquired professional experience and even a good concept in the professional ambience of psychoanalytical pedagogy.

Several times, when the nostalgia used to capture me, I still tasted all of that, from that time. Then I realized that stories about the civilization world and the indigenous universe were not different ways to tell a story, but indeed different sides of the same stories. They had the same format of faire tales and legends but the approach was different because the culture was different. Therefore the sides of a story complemented themselves, achieved the same ending but by different ways. I concluded there would be a third thing in the middle of all of that. There were two sides of the same new thing, a new element. New in respect to discovering since it was always there!

The man, body and soul, the duality. The Medicine heals the body, the Religion takes care of the soul. Somewhere I‘ve heard that illness starts in the soul, later on reaches the body.

I stopped everything! I closed my office. I needed time for searching. After so many notes I turned out a writer.

That happened when Lola and Zeca got married and gave me this story as a gift.

Nowadays I’ve lived where I’ve worked. I’ve got a bookstore named Chamberlain, which in my original language means “butler”, that is how I feel.

My most celebrated book is a script.I stopped writing romances. I figured out that the idea which is elaborated by the reader’s creative universe prevails. The script doesn’t indicate the actress’ dress color, the automobile brand, or the landscape atmosphere. Everything boils down to a group of ideas and it is up to the director to embody them. I would never describe scenarios and characters better than the imaginary of those who read. 

In my bookstore, the reader is the boss. Each one of them has reason and can change their minds ever. I introduce facts and ideas, they use the imagination.

Today, I’ve lived and worked on the creation plane, where the imagination is brewed, the solutions are found, decisions are projected and where ideas can’t be copied.

I eventually go to the Earth, I like diving in waterfalls, swimming in the sea, and taking a walk in the woods. The time where I’ve been to, I let you to find out.

Now I am going to tell you “How I Loved You”, one of the five books of the collection Skull Dance — an adventure through the worlds – Zeca and Lola’s story, my friends and partners in this adventure.

Good reading, and have fun.

Alan BB Dixon








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