USA think Health , Education and Corruption before you vote



Under the garb of Healthcare, Companies and Doctors and Governments are forcing you be depressed and sick,this is worst then Terrorism

The way Pharmaceutical industry and healthcare licensing authorities are looting and killing,poor and rich equally is worst then terrorism. Just look at price of one same prescription dug and its variations in different countries and you will come to know,how in AMERICA they have increased the cost of medicine and surgeries so much that USA patents have already began to fly to countries like India where , people in comparison of USA can get cheaper and equal healthcare.

Medical insurance is one big reason for patients being exploited by being be fooled to take extra care and surgeries.

Suppose,if you do USA healthcare cost completely free for all and people will not bee needed to pay anything at all-still it will be less then 25% of what USA spends in fighting wars in stupid countries for useless Politicians and Terrorists.

Even if Education for poor is also done free at all levels on merit basis-it will be less the 10 of  Afghanistan and Iraq here USA has gave birth to wars.

USA and all modern citizen must think about this before they decide to vote on basis of sex life of Politicians and getting fooled systematically and forced to lose jobs and dignity by the hands of own political leaders and Pimps

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