Things of the Present



From A Book of Truth

Within the present moment most of us experience clarity. It is this clarity we call our life, and it is what we fear losing to pain, disease or death.

 No one can say what the present is like for another, but surely my experience of it is similar to yours. Similar not like one triangle is to another, but like one moment is to the next.

 There is the likeness of our breathing, or our blood flowing, of vision, sound, feeling, taste and smell. We are driven by similar basic and complex needs. We share the same struggle to meet our needs.

The really weird thing about the present is trying to put your arms around it. It seems steady, but is fleeting – easily slipping away into the next moment that just as quickly fades. And only in this moment do we consider the past or the future. Everything we do is in the present, all of our accomplishments are in the past and all of our hopes are in the future.

Small wonder we lead lives of quiet desperation.

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