Dress Code



A young man's sulk on society's outlook

"Dress well, be presentable"

 My friend crossed all his limits. An alcoholic whose blood test said "GBT" is 752 where it was supposed to be 24; "blobumin" is 3242 where it was supposed to be 450. Like that LC, GLUCOMIN, BPC, TINTUMON, TUCKKUMOL and all other medical ingredients of his body was at least 60 to 70 percent high than what it should have been. He must be admitted in hospital and expected to be under observation for at least 5 to 7 days.

With the Doctor's prescription my friend and I went to the hospital reception and I said, "We need admission".

Receptionist, the thin lady with free fall hairs and a glittering stud in nose asked me, "Are you the patient?!"

 With an offended expression I replied, "No. I am not" and pointed to my friend who was standing next to me. What made that Barbie girl think I am the patient? The way I dressed and my ugly beard (not French but something like a massively matured male goat has). I was in a faded jeans and a dull t-shirt as like always.

That was not the first time. Few years ago, I was celebrating Diwali festival with my friends. When all the atom bombs and whiskey shots were finished, my friend realized he lost his mobile phone somewhere. We searched it for few hours but all our efforts in vain. The place is such a familiar place where we all grew together; we know every nook and corner of that place. But, we couldn't find it, then it is not something my friend lost it, someone had stolen it.

To my friend's luck, the thief was caught, out of his own stupidity. Usually we don't allow strangers during such parties. But one of our friends invited his colleague, who was a well-dressed fine gentleman and he was the thief as well. How was he caught is a separate story.

Since he got his paradise regained, my friend hosted another party where few folks spoke the truth. Alcohol makes men speak the truth. At round 3, one of the guys said, "I can’t believe this. T******li!!  that guy, fine well-dressed gentleman, tongue-tip English, polished shiny branded shoes ! Son of a B****! I can't believe this, dude!!”

Gulping the last sip of round 3, he continued further, "Folks, don't mistake me, actually I thought it was Raj (Me)".

I was shocked for such a comment. The other two guys munching nuts expressed their exclamation of same interest. It was very painful; the message reached my brain after bleeding my heart.

They killed a friendship of 12 years in no time. Not a new one, something similar happened few centuries ago in Rome. Difference is Caesar’s friends used knife, but my friends used words. Let me stop the melodrama here.

What made them suspect me a thief? The same faded jeans, dull t-shirt and beard.

A girl once insulted me saying that I am dumb enough, can’t even drive a car. Yes, at that time I don't know how to drive and do not own a car either. The very next Saturday, I took my friend to nearest car showroom to buy one because my knowledge in automobiles is poor. When he was asking in-depth questions about the internal organs of the car, I was asking lame questions. The salesman answered my friend’s question, each suffixed with a big "saar (sir)". He didn't even bother to look at me while answering my questions.

Finally when asked about delivery and payment, my friend looked at me, I said "NOW and all in cash". Then the salesman paid the respect back with due interest. He gave me a chair to sit followed by question such as "when saar?!", "what color saar?!", "card saar?!", "or cash saar?!" and saar! saar!!.

During that deal with salesman I was in same dress code — faded jeans, dull t-shirt.

My father used to ask me, "Why don't you dress well". "Mahatma Gandhi, Lord Buddha, Mother Teresa, they all were in simple costumes. I am clean and tidy. Why do you want me to be ornamental", would be my reply. These days he stopped advising me. But the truth is I tried but it was not matching. It is tough to love something later, when you don't get it when needed.

But I cannot blame that receptionist, my friends or the salesman. They have come across a long way, civilized enough that their minds are trained to judge a person by his presentation not the content. At present, Dress code is a message we give for other man to judge us. No mistake in their judgment, they just interpreted my message.

So!! "Dress well, be presentable"

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