in response to "I am here. Where are you?"

the man who is a model husband
how many women does he hide under his carpet?
the artist who extols women artists
when nobody sees, he denies a woman artist's existence?
he threatens her existence calling her a sex threat
when any of her behaviours is irreproachable
he humiliates her by pretending he doesn't know her
you, poor little fool, speak to him, but she's there by you, and he pretends he doesn't know her
for how long have they known each other? decades.
yet he hides everything as he doesn't know how to be decent about it.
he denies, he lies, he pretends, he masks, he defrauds, he fools, he alienates.
is this decent? is this just? is this fair? is this beautiful? is it art? is this of a strong character?
say no. never.

and why should he discard this woman?
when he owes to her everything, his safety, his freedom, his all?
it's her silence, forced upon her unwillingly, that maintains and sustains him:
why does he treat her as less than a dead human being then?
it's in his own interest he must be recognized and grateful and thankful and kind.
and being decent about it is listening to this woman and doing exactly what she says.

not bad for the submissive man he's supposed to be, but he doesn't obey to her!
and it's his lack of obedience to her that is his downfall.
it's his lack of heart, of respect, of courage, of balls,
big man-hero adored by everyone, smaller than a rat inside,
cowardly, discarding, scornful.
this is who he really is
this is who you adore.

and to know this woman can and will save him,
let her. let her do it. allow her. accept her. let her come in.
treat her well, and she is the salvation.
treat her not well, and she is total destruction.

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