I will live forever



Let my just admit it: Science, got to love it! The only problem is when the results of science meets the real world.

Brian May, the guitarist of legendary rock group Queen, wrote the song “Who wants to live forever” to the mid-80’s movie Highlander. The lyrics refer to the main character of the film, Connor MacLeod, who have gained immortality and continuous to be young, while his beloved wife grows older and older, until she die.

I have always had a quite pragmatic approach to my own death. I know it’s inevitable and I just hope that I’ll pass out in peace and harmony with my beloved ones, and that I avoid too much pain – whenever it’s going to happen.

Many of those I once knew, but who have left us, ended their life from cancer. A sad outcome of too many young, apparently healthy persons, who I would have loved to see around for many more years. But I also know that they would have loved that I carried on with my sick humor, being myself, and that I continued my ability to joke with (almost) everything.

This is an important backdrop when it comes to the news I just discovered.

At www.allhealthynews.ccom I read that eating a woman’s pussy actually could act as a medicine towards cancer and cardiovascular disease. I guess it’s with this medicine as it’s with other medicines, that if you take it regularly and take a lot of it, your immune defense system will grow even stronger.

Based on this I now have to face it: I will live forever.

This came to my mind yesterday, and I spent all night sitting up and re-planning all my future plans. I have already booked tickets (in advance) for Superbowl 2086, and also to the Final reunion concert of Rolling Stones in 2054. I’m thrilled, and looked forward to plan my future later today, when a guy at work broke down my mood. He asked if I realized that I would live forever side-by-side with a bunch of lesbians, who usually turns out to be ugly, man-hating feminists – and with Michael Douglas as the main character in movies for another bunch of centuries. My mood went from ecstatic to mediocre in two seconds — the time it took to have those lesbians on my retinas.

The last twenty minutes I have been listening to Freddy Mercury, and I guess he is right, as he say in the last line:

Who waits forever anyway?

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