Stop Non Muslim Terrorism before it Destroyes USA and INDIA



Our Presidents ,Prime Ministers and aspiring Politicians are serving the High Class Masters, who breed exploitation and abuse of poor. This is making us breeding ground for new type of Terrorism,as we leave oppressed with no other option to receive Justice and Equality in 21st Century.

When we call ourselves a superpower and undoubtedly we are performing excellently but at the same time ,we are also doing everything to widen cast divide and breeding a horrible terrorism which is in future will prove more dangerous than Muslim Terrorism.

Blacks in USA and Lower cast Dalits in India are oppressed now to a level ,where a violent reaction is any day expected, it may not be a cast riot but brutal systematic terrorism, that will tore apart the very fabric of two of these beautiful democracies.

In USA Police is backed up by Black Haters to abuse very pride of Black people ,while in India same high cast sadists have created groups like Shivsena,Bajrang Dal, Hindu Sena ,VHP etc to find new ways of oppressing poor low cast Dalits and Muslims ,who have absolutely sold out national leaders ,who are only interested in more abuse to fellow cast men ,so that they can polarize Low cast and Muslim vote to come to power in criminal to core states like UP,BIHAR,HARIYANA and PUNJAB.

Abuse and Rape of poor low cast women is being literally made into TV Show by news channels here, who show it with Juicy details and then forget the follow up for criminals to get out and force victims to change very report of Rape.

Injustice and exploitation of poor by a high Class and Rich Dominated Legal system is order of the day and human rights NGO'S inspite of doing good job not being helped by common people enough to be abel to create rehabilitation and help for exploited poor.

Rich are giving loans like 100 USD on interest rate of 57% per year ,under very nose of government and funded by Government Banks to disperce such suicidal loans to low class farmers, who are continuously commiting suicide while Indian PM roam around White world anouncing India as terrific Economic Power house,in fact he woks like PRO of Indian corporate houises ,who have funded his party for long time and his own Gujarati fellow busioness community.

This is same PM ,who call himself a low cast representative and is in electoral coalition with Parties like Shiv Sena, which is involved in stripping 3 Dalit Men naked and dragging them on streets of home state of Indian PM ,Gujarat.

Same is done by Vice President Hilary Clinton,who takes bribes in  form of fees for speech and Clinton Foundation ,so blindly and wipes away jobs for poor, are we going to see another George Bush in Power once again in her shape and form?

These are all very social reasons,which may force Poor and Low cast people in USA and INDIA to take the path of violence,as we are not allowing them t live with dignity and whenever we exploit and humiliate poor, Violence is the end result.

Hope we learn it from history and save our future.

[CRIMINAL BY CHOICE ,exposes Terror Political Nexus and human trafficking across the globe, sponsored by our presidents and prime ministers]

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