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Is a torn life but a darkness, which one never needs to regularly meet with?"


 A quiet stealer of kindness, compassion and happiness.

When that time arrives to finally acknowledge that sad unrequited truth… to tear oneself away from its grasp, to escape, will you feel a sense of literal freedom?

Can there be no lasting peace in being in its embrace – is there is no lasting tranquillity?

Is there but one thing that can ever fill the void of our existential loneliness?

Can it be, primarily, perpetually and present all around us?

Is it quintessentially a powerful deeply spiritual phenomena with which one cannot wield power over, for it comes and goes of its own accord, and if not properly devoted with time, energy and passion – can it suddenly leave?

Can what ultimately drags us into the darkness that life can suddenly spring upon us, can it be simply a lack of this at the crux, a missing of it?

When we are angry, emotional and judgmental — is it our pain that is speaking and our anger, which is not of us but a lacking of it?

Can Love, that everlasting healing force of the human condition be the divine power to starve off that darkness, which is forever stalking our every breathing moments?

For with it, are we are mighty and without it are we are vulnerable?

Even though love can drive one to the brink of one’s limitations: should one always keep chasing it, because can a life without it, lead to a life of loneliness serving Darkness. A stealer of kindness, compassion and happiness but with it — so much more glorious light!

Love comes in many forms, people, animals and even hobbies – find one to suit you and if you already have!


Fight back against the Darkness for you are and have always been worthy of a simple but complex four letter word!

The road to happiness is never easy and will lead you into the dark sometimes, but through love, you will always find your escape!



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