Trump's Hateful Nation



Nothing brings out the hate in people quite like the United States' race for president...

The days are counting down until Donald Trump actually steps into the white house, and not hours after he was elected rocks were already being thrown — from both sides of the political platform. Where Trump supporters are celebrating with borderline abusive jokes, Clinton supporters are out burning flags on the soil of a nation both parties have ruined. This, of course, is my opinion and mine alone... but just look at ourselves. The vote for the "lesser of the two evils" as I usually call it just got violent. Someone died in California exercising their right to vote. I didn't think to check his political party, because it doesn't matter. The shooter is a criminal.

Everyone on Hillary's side wants to know how Trump got elected, and everyone on Trump's side wants to know why the Democrats are so angry and hateful towards them. What I want to know is how either candidate got as far as they did. We're not talking about MAYBE a candidate did a drug or two when they were younger, we're talking about sexual assault and broken confidentiality on our government's part. Hillary was under investigation for most of the election by the FBI, and Trump was currently in court for multiple accounts of mishandling money, resources, and education. Hillary's husband sexually abused women, and she stood with him, but Trump thinks it's okay that his locker room humor sounds more like assault than a joke. Aside from Trump's colleges that went under in the most disastrous way possible, I never heard either of them speak much on education. What I did see is "you did this, you did that" through the entire election. All valid reasons from both sides, but how can the parties themselves, the citizens that endorse these campaigns, not realize that the entire structure is damaged beyond repair with these two to lead them? 

Votes used to be private, for a reason. I remember watching my mother vote when I was a child, and there were actual stalls involved to keep the privacy of our votes sacred... That is no longer and has been done away with for a long time. When women were dying for the right to vote and black people were dying for the right to be free — a private vote saved all the violence that the internet now feeds to the fire. When something was unjust, we could vote in a third party candidate and stand against the system that oppresses all of us. None of this was right! I resent being pointed at and blamed for using my right to support a third party in a broken system. My party isn't perfect, either. What we need is the same one candidate, a clear option that stands out from the crowd.

I scoff at those that tell me that "as a woman" I should have voted for Hillary. I want a woman that can handle the job, NOT one that gives away procedures for our nuclear weapons. This election wasn't the year for a third party president and an actual change to the system that doesn't work for anyone involved anymore. It wasn't the year for a Democrat, either. Republicans won this one. Don't tell me that by voting third party or tell others that by not voting at all we're voting for the wrong candidate. Both parties are guilty of this blaming, and the point is and always will be that you wouldn't have been able to use my vote for me. It's mine, and I am in a free nation that allows me to do what I wish with it.

Hateful, racist, bigoted people did not appear because Trump was elected president, and the fact that their behavior has not been corrected is not his fault, either. I despise the man, let me be clear. I think he's disgusting and I nick-named him "Hitler" when he was just a reality show host that coined the term "You're fired!". We, the citizens, truly are the only ones with the power to right wrongs in our communities. The scary part is that all of these problems still exist because there aren't enough people in the world standing up for those that can't stand up for themselves.

I'm not politically correct. In fact, I'm actually pretty inappropriate in real life. I make the wrong kind of jokes, I swear like a sergeant, and I let my kid get dirty pretty much whenever he wants to. I don't like having to walk on eggshells any more than anyone else, but that doesn't mean our current president wasn't trying to do good by laws he put into place to correct racism and other discrimination that's taken place since forever.

I refuse to be hateful over this. I'm hurt, but I don't hate anyone for their opinions. Have I removed abusive members from my social media accounts? Yes, but not JUST because they voted one way or the other. That is their right here in the United States of America. I'm sad and I mourn only because somehow in the entire population of our great nation, these two were our front-runners in such explosive times. I want to debate about the facts and the actions taken. I believe that both candidates were currently being charged or under investigation for crimes committed, all of which could be detrimental to our nation.

Since there is no privacy is our vote anymore, I guess I'll tell you that I voted for Bernie Sanders in the primary. If I had to choose an evil that wasn't pure, it was him. Politics are a topic I generally try to keep to myself, because of my third party choices most of the time. I don't vote as often as I should. There's two bars within walking distance that decided to show their support for Trump by making it very clear that gays, blacks, and other minorities would not be accepted as customers. Hey, it's their American right. Just as it's mine to never go there for a drink again. The fact is that there's enough hatred in my town to keep them open and thriving. Not all of these people are out painting their faces black and threatening homosexuals, women, and children... Though I'm sure there's a few mixed in. If one of their own finds out, they're not going to report them — at best they might chastise them on their behavior. It's up to us to report crimes. We are the targets, the possible victims. I don't want to be witness to a flag burning any more than I want a Trump supporter to "grab me by the pussy" to show me he's a real man or that he's famous and he can. For that matter, no man is allowed to do that without my permission.

Do I agree that children should be allowed to change their gender before puberty is over or at least a legal cigarette smoking age? NO, absolutely not. Would I have an abortion? NO, absolutely not. That doesn't mean that it should never happen, anywhere, because I say so. I agree that we almost crossed an a border with abortion, but the laws saying that my boy is my body were put in place for me and that child. Not many are willing to adopt the children that shouldn't have been conceived in the first place. We're not making the world a better place to make women raise a child they don't want and have the child receive any possible abuse due to this fact that she cannot change. A doctor is in a better position than myself to judge the transgender child's situation. People are rejecting their kids for the reasons that the bar down the street doesn't want to serve black and gay people (mainly those two groups, but I'm sure the hate stretches farther than that). They're literally kicking them out of the house, and have been doing that since the nineties when I was a kid. These problems *shocker* aren't new.

I encourage all those that were disappointed with the outcome of this election (like me) to vote, privately, for local issues. Elect those into office that wants to make it safer for all of our brothers and sisters to coexist in the world. They're people you know, they're people you shop with or that you went to school with. Elect young, new, bright faces into your community that stand for what you believe in. Voice your local and state concerns. This is where you spend most to all of your time. If the U.S. is racist, corrupted, and wrong — it probably originated on a town level. Help your local mayor become a congressman or a judge. Support them. Most importantly, hold them to their word. Take accountability for their actions as if they were your own when they let you down. Everyone makes mistakes, and some mistakes deserve a total lack of support in the future. Donald trump and Hillary Clinton lost my support years ago and how anyone else can believe in their personal agendas is beyond me. I'm not disgusted, however that I have friends (real-life and internet-made alike) doesn't disgust me until they start damning people to hell and threatening their lives or the lives of their friends' family members.

If violence isn't what we want, we need to be the stop of it. Love the child that was abandoned by their parents for whatever reason you see as unreasonable if you know one. Let the parents sit with their own life decisions, because chances are that the kid will be better off with your guidance anyways as long as you love them. The children are our future, so open your home to those that you can. Feed them if they need it and you can afford it. Do the same for your family. Be the difference that you preach to others about — the loving, understanding friend. Forgive people that you don't understand, and try to understand them. Chances are, no one has ever tried to and that's why they remain hostile. Be nice to someone that appears to be afraid of you, even if they aren't the kind of people you wouldn't normally associate with. These acts are the kind that save humanity in the end.

I'm a person that believes hate was bred from both sides of this debate and the same with violence that was performed. I stepped into the third party because I wouldn't lower myself to that kind of hate and finger-pointing. I didn't vote for Trump because I voted green — I voted green because that was the lesser of the evils this year. I always have hope that there will be real change, and it can only be in a third party candidate. My belief in that doesn't make me stupid or dangerous, it makes me the same as anyone else who voted this year. We have to deal with the actions taken over the last year, all of us. Sexism would not have died with Hillary Clinton as our president... if anything, the Trump supporters could be acting in a similar way as Hillary's crowd right now. If you see violence or threats in your school or community, report it. Everyone has the right to refuse service, no one has a right to threaten you. If they tell you to get out, leave politely. If they threaten you, sit in your car or go to another establishment to call the local authorities to report a threat. If it seems that the local authorities are not abiding by the laws, file complaints on them — specific officers, the ones doing wrong. It's our country, WE have to live in it. Let's stop fighting and work to better ourselves as a nation. If Trump is sitting on his throne right now, laughing at the snake pit he caused, let's show him that we're better than that. We can lose gracefully and improve our own behavior. I know he's supposed be the example that's set for us, but I know that we can be bigger than all of it.


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