The Yes Game



"Within this deep clearing, a sanctuary surrounded by the long trees of Times perpetual symphonies, we meet.




 Let’s join for a while and softly converse.

I call this The Yes Game — how many will you silently answer with a simple yes?

Are you ready?

Is it a sad reflection of society that as we grow globally, reaching into nearly all the minds on the planet — we are also creating a band of separation from others, by not interacting on a more physical level?

Does inboxing someone now count as a deep conversation?

Are we losing our voices to really speak, to really engage?

Is this all this platform is though — a means to talk in a separated world?

Is it but a cleverly built platform to let one stand upon a soapbox and narrate thoughts, free from the judgement of others, but to similar ilk interested in shared interests?

Do we need platforms like these to explore ourselves, as we delve deep into new unknown emotional territories where we — free from the scope of judgements of family or friends: present our works for the eyes of the viewer, who through a shared interest will appreciate it?

Are you still reading?

Is a just and true life — one stirred by love and escorted by experience?

To know love — do we have to jump all in, swimming valiantly, thrashing around deep within its mysterious pools of emotions: to really feel the ecstasy, the highs and lows?

Is Love the most complex enigma we will ever know in life, and as the saying goes, fall down seven times, stand up eight — need remembering?

Can being simply happy be everyone’s divine right, separated from judgement, condemnation or betrayals?

Are we reborn every single morning from the deep sleep of rebirth, and what we do then — is that what inspires others?

Does Hope anchor the Soul?

These softly layered musings could go on for hours, but the calls of life are echoing in the background. 

The return to reality.

But I will leave you with these thoughts.

Out of the Darkness of Nothingness, we are breathed into Life.

With hope, compassion, empathy and courage, with dreams surging like a torrent through our veins –  is anything possible?


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