DON'T BOO!!! VOTE!! by Rhonda L. Jackson




These are the words spoken by our president at the Democratic National Convention when the crowd booed at his mentioning Donald (the duck) Trump's name! Instead of reviling in the response of the crowd President Obama said, "DON'T BOO! VOTE! See that's the moral high ground that Michelle Obama espoused on Monday night when she said, "See, when they go low we go high." I am not going to occupy that moral high ground right now! Neither will I go low I am just going to drop a little history on this subject, sooooo! Well! Well, Well! Karma is a political BITCH!! African Americans got the right to vote in 1968!! Nineteen hundred and sixty eight over one hundred years after the emancipation proclamation Black people were given the right to vote all over the country!! So in 1968 we as Black people now have the right to vote! Now if you were born in the 1980's or 1990's or 2000! 1968 is when your parents or grandparents were born so this is a long, long, long time ago to you!! But just imagine if you were freed from a cage but still chained to it that's what it must have felt like to be emancipated but unable to vote!! Also in 1968 WHO do Black people have vote for, anyway? Of course there are no Black candidates or candidates that may even empathize with the plight of Black people! Who do you vote for in 1968, 69,70 or 71??? When I turned 18 with my right to vote I was told the term "the lesser of the two evils" which meant neither of the candidates were really interested in me or my concerns or issues! "THE LESSER OF THE TWO EVILS!" This means both candidates were evil and harmful to my interests and concerns or issues but one was less evil and I voted for that candidate! This changed in 2008 when I voted FOR Barack Hussein Obama!! I did not vote the lesser of the two evils this time I voted for Barack Hussein Obama and it felt good, really good! In 2004 I heard him speak at the Democratic National Convention and I was very, very impressed. I even went out and bought his book (The Audacity of Hope) and read it as though I was going to be tested on it's content. I then read his first book Dream From My Father and I learned that in 2001 he couldn't even get into the arena where the convention was being held!! In 2004 he was the keynote speaker!! I thought to myself after 2004 this maybe this is a candidate (should he decide to run in 2008) that I can vote for but was 2004 and George W. Bush wasn't quite done fucking up America!! Obama is Black and he has a black wife and two beautiful black babies maybe just maybe I may have a candidate to vote for not just a compromise!!! Well the rest is recent history!! So to those Bernie or bust people it is bust and Bernie lost Hillary won!! DON'T BOO!! VOTE!!



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