The Only Thing You Really Have To Do Is Eat



People should be free to choose an agrarian life if they want

I had one of those "moment of clarity" thoughts the other day. You know, you see something, hear something, and then suddenly you are awakened to the absurdity in it, or your mind becomes aware of something that's been hiding in plain site. In my case, it was the idea that the only thing we really have to do is eat (and drink of course). And yeah, I reckon you can argue that shelter is also important; so while you're at it, add in land, or a place to live.

Keeping that in mind, what kind of mad society have we created? Look at all of the ridiculousness we've created around the basics of human existence... All of the complications, all of the things, all of the rules, laws, taxes, fees, fines and such-the-like.

Our lives have become surreal. We accept all of the absurdities thrust upon us as if that is the only way that things can be, and that it's the only way we can live. So much for the "pursuit of happiness..."

I've always believed that all people born on this planet are equal. Think about it... the moment of birth. There you were, naked and without any possessions. Your only thought was perhaps fear and a desire to be held by your mother, and then to feed. In those early days and weeks, we were all just Earthlings filled with wonder and the desire to learn, explore, be held and loved. A bank account, credit cards, material items, social standing, or cultural background doesn't mean anything to an infant. That infant was you.

Fast forward through the indoctrination of the school system and the rules and regulations of governments; and then being forced to labor in buildings, so you can have food and drink and shelter.

I don't accept that. And I believe it is our birthright to choose how we want to live our lives. If I want to grow my own food, and get my water from a well, and I'm happy to live on my land, in my house, without a car, or hundreds of material objects; I should be free to do so, and not forced to pay taxes and fees for the things I do not use.

As long as I do not infringe on another person's freedom, then I should be free to pursue the life I want. And that's not to say that those who want to commute to a 9-to-5 job in a building and be surrounded by gadgets and fancy furnishings, shouldn't be free to do what they want either. We both should be free to live as we like; again, as long as one or the other of us doesn't get in the way of the other person's right to do as they please.

I realize for some this sounds crazy -- especially in the 21st Century. And maybe I am a little crazy to think this way. But whether I am or not, I never agreed that society would have the right to dictate how I would live my life.

I've come to the point where I'm happy not being a part of the rat-race. I don't have an overwhelming desire to own more things; and subsequently, give up more of my "free time" in order to pay for those things and the interest on the credit cards needed to purchase those things. I also don't feel I should have to pay so much in taxes, when I don't agree with the corrupt politicians, or support their wars for oil, or all the other things they do with most of the money they steal from us.

Which brings me back to the idea that the only thing you have to do is eat. Everything else is just an elaborate construct by greedy and power-hungry humans so they can live (well) off the backs of the rest of us. All of us were born, and at one time, were next to each other in a maternity ward, naked and alone, without any of the trappings of this current society.

Do me a favor, tell your beloved politicians that I don't care about them, and that I quit. I don't watch them on TV, and I'm not interested in their follies. Count me out. Leave me alone.

As Groucho Marx once said, "whatever it is, I'm against it!"


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