Kicking Guilt &Worry to catch SUCCESS



Understanding Guilt &Worry means overcoming Failure Forever

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This world wants you to feel 'guilty' about everything you are- If you are 'poor' -it's a shame,If you are rich- It's a guilt,If you have a wonderful family linage- "You are little silver spooned"- If you are from a broken family- "You are unlucky to never ever being part of family".

The whole modern social,religious and political global Syndicated Mafia survives upon how deeply you are 'guilty' about past or "Worried" about future.

There will not be any 'confession box' or any priest to wash away your sins -if you are not guilty and whole concept of 'religious business' will collapse.

Same way ,If no one is worried about future,what 'wannabe Presidents' will campaign about?

Don't you remember-that every politician you voted for had promised you a 'world' of 'equal opportunity' for all and 'poverty' for none- Presidents came and gone but poverty and unemployment are exactly there for next candidate to come and exploit you for same-enjoy her/his presidency and leave you where you are to be milked by next 'ideology' or 'candidate'.

Haven't you got it that -No one else but only 'YOU' can heal your life, You do not need any social-political-religious 'ideology' to stop worrying of future &being 'guilty' of past.

The moment this revelation appears to you-you are free and you now take charge of your life.

Everyone who ever succeed in anything  that 'mattered' began by believing in her/his idea and  everyone else is attracted to that moment onward.

Guilt is a waste and worry is absolutely your 'social conditioning'- the moment you get rid of these two feelings-you are all sat to live life on your 'terms'.

Under whatever good or worst situation you are- many people before you were there and those who overcame were once who never gave in to 'guilt' or 'worry' and they knew that both are useless.

What is important is-

What are you thinking and doing NOW.

The "Heart Break"- "Failure"- "Cheating"- "Short Comings" all are things of past- what is important is- NOW.

So Just clear your concepts and with a clean slate write-what only you can write- Your own DESTINY.

Link to all Self Healing Books by Author

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