Politics and Entertainment — all cycles of franchises. Using Presidential terms and Batman films as examples.

Politics are like franchises. Every time there's a new president people say "Oh God they're gonna ruin everything!" Four to eight years later we're off to something else. In movies and comics there's something changed whether it be a main character, their motivation, or an overall story arc and then in years to come it's all changed again.

When George W. Bush was in office there were so many people that hated it and thought it was the end of it all. Eight years later we got Obama and so many people hate that too. Now we're about to change yet again.

When Joel Schumacher took over the Batman movies and gave us Batman Forever and then Batman & Robin a good deal of people were like "Ugh, it's all over. This goes against what Batman's all about." <- Same thing people say about presidents and America. And then eventually we got to Nolan's Batman. Some people complained, some liked it and now we've got a new Batman.

Everything's a cycle. Nothing's "the end". Whatever we don't like, it doesn't stick around will always be rebooted. If either Trump or Clinton get in office, it won't be the end of times; it'll just be another period of some people being happy and others being miserable. But in the end, it won't matter, because they'll be rebooted as well. Like I said, politics are franchises like the movies we watch. We all end up saying "Ugh, I hate who they got to play *insert character here*." It's the same thing in the white house — "Ugh I hate who they got to play the president." It's all the same. Just a cycle of reboots and remakes, with a second term being a sequel.

That's why I don't get angry about franchise choices so much anymore because I've realized just that: it's all a cycle and it'll all change in due time. We don't have to LIKE the choices made in any given franchise but we don't have to be in fear that that's all we'll ever get. People have seen TONS of different versions of the same characters just as they've seen TONS of presidents. It'll all change. Whatever we don't like won't stick around long just as whatever we do like won't stick around long. Either enjoy it while it lasts or just grin and bear it — either way, it won't STAY like this. I think the sooner we all realize this, the less hostile we'll be about these decisions — whether we're trying to stop them, get said decisions overturned, and punish those who support them OR whether we're trying to fight for them and attempting to keep this all a moment frozen in time.

We can try to fight or protect (whether it's a beloved character or a president voted by the people) but we can't preserve anything just as we can't erase anything — it'll all change with the next reboot. Who knows, maybe the next rendition will be the one you've been waiting for.

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