The Russian Issue



The danger of the media's obsession with demonizing Russia and Trump

This whole Russia thing is ridiculous bordering on the absurd.

First of all, an under-educated public is confusing Russia with the former Soviet Union -- mainly due to continued media and neocon statements. For the record, Russia is a country of less than 150 million people (the U.S. has more than twice that and China has a billion more than both). Crimea was not taken, the people there are Russians, were Russians and wanted to be Russians. The same goes for Eastern Ukrainians -- they're Russians! And the Ukranian "civil war" is an internal problem exacerbated by foreign meddling with interests in (what else) fossil fuel and arms sales.

Second, Putin's alignment with Syria is nothing new; and, Russia was the only country "legally" acting on behalf of the Syrian government to help fight rebel groups. The internal politics of that country are none of our business, unless our business is to support the proposed Saudi-Qatar pipeline, or to further destabilize the region to prevent democracy or those countries from remaining independent nations. We've seen what U.S./NATO meddling in Iraq did, haven't the neocons and neo-liberals learned their lesson yet? Of course not, they know what they're doing -- it's in their playbook for reshaping the Middle East.

Lastly, let's take this thing to its unlikely end. The Russia-haters win and Trump capitulates and declares war on Russia. Then what? Nuclear war? Surely, Russia won't allow its country to be overtaken by NATO; and there's no way in the 21st Century, with current advanced military technologies that there's going to be some sort of 20th Century-like ground war. The fact is, diplomacy is the only thing standing in the way of a devastating battle that could potentially disrupt financial markets, power grids, crash the internet and kill millions of people in both countries.

You see, like it or not, there are countries around this globe that have different social and political ideologies than ours -- many of whom have been countries for hundreds if not a thousand years before us. The idea that five (5%) percent of the world population (that's all the U.S. is) can dictate what 95% of the people on the planet can and cannot do is foolhardy and very dangerous. China is allied with Russia and is also a nuclear power. Recent events have also shown that North Korea and Iran are far greater threats than Russia. And for some reason terrorism has taken a back seat to the demonization of Russia, when Russia is a major force fighting terrorism.

I understand that people like to have a foe that they can scapegoat all of their problems on. But that solves nothing. If Russia magically disappeared tomorrow, there would still be terrorism. More than half the American people would STILL be burdened with high bills, high debt, high rents/mortgages, increasing insurance rates, rising utility bills, decaying cities, bridges, roads and infrastructure. I mean take a look around... Most people in this country are working hard (those lucky enough to have a job) and despite spending most of their best hours and days of the week slaving to just pay the bills, things continue to get worse, year after year, whether there is a Republican or Democrat in the White House. Most people are struggling just to survive and are stressed out. That's the real story that's being hidden behind this Russian nonsense. Let's get our house in order, before we go starting World War III and making things even worse.


Tony Caravan is a beat-poet and the author of five books. Visit for links.

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