The Green Eyed Monster



Why do you not trust your partner?

The Green Eyed Monster


Let’s face it, we have all looked into those eyes.  Also we have also all been guilty of possessing them at one time or the other.  Today is Valentine’s Day and for those of you who have someone in your life this is a great day to give yourself and the person you love a gift that will keep on giving.  Mastering that problem.

Being jealous not only makes you miserable but it often makes your partner miserable.  Let me tell you something, the quickest way to lose a partner is with this monster.  No one wants to put up with it.  I mean really.  Your girlfriend said hi to another man and you threw a fit with her.  Oh girlfriend don’t thing you’re off the hook.  Some girl gives your guy the eye and you threw him out of the bedroom.  Come on people, think about this.

Now first you guys.  Sometimes I’m amazed how you handle things.  Some other man is a little too friendly with your lady and your first response is, I’m going to kick his ass.  I don’t think there is a man, or boy, who has a female in their lives that I know who hasn’t made that threat.  OK I know two that maybe haven’t.  One because he was so busy doing the running around that he really didn’t pay much attention to what the particular flavor of the month female in his life was doing.  No I never dated this guy but let’s just say he was special to me even if I did have to clean up some of his messes.  Yes I raked his ass over the coals more than once, not that it did any good, and tried to straighten him out.  The other one just seems to have enough faith in his lady that it doesn’t seem to ever be a problem with him and he knows she can take care of herself.  Yes his faith is well founded.  Now back to the rest of you numskulls.  If you expect that the person you are involved with to never say anything or come into contact with other people in this world, and this does include males, then someone needs to drop you on an isolated island and leave you there, alone.

You ladies need to think about a few things yourselves.   Is the person you’re with attractive, reasonably attractive or even passable?  Do they have a fabulous personality, a great sense of humor, or are they just such a super person that it shows in everything they do?  After you answer this think about this one.  No one ever wants to be with the ugliest or most non-descript person at a party.  I know that sounds offensive but let’s face it, it’s true.  If you answered yes to any of those then women are going to look at your partner sometimes, fairly regularly, or quite often.  Now the next is going to be focused on basically a male and female relationship but it can be applied to any couple regardless of their sexual orientation.  No one wants to be with someone who isn’t worth another person taking a look at for one reason or another.  If there is nothing there to draw the attention of another woman, be it their looks, personality, humor, or anything that sets them apart  then what the hell are you doing with him?

If you are with someone you have to trust them.  If they have honestly given you a reason to mistrust them the fact that you’re still with them doesn’t say a lot for you.  Love is something that is very, very special.  It should be treated as such as should the person you're with.  Most importantly you deserve to have peace of mind.  Unfortunately your partner can’t give you that.  That can only come from yourself.

So please get your heads out of your asses, tell the person you love that you do love them and learn to trust them and mean it.  You do that and I can promise you that if you are still with the same person next year, and that is my hope for you if this is really that special one that only comes along once in a life time, you will probably have a wonderful Valentine’s Day.

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone.


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