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Existence is a gift, a lucky lottery ticket, a nuisance, a charm, a blessing, a curse... . We can define our own existence in thousand of words without finding the fitting one, the real one so to speak. Though understanding reality through a man-made instrument like language would be a quite questionable method to solve a mystery that transcends the human race. As it becomes clear, we can pose the right questions, we just don't have the instruments or the means to answer them.maybe there are ways to perceive this world that we never use or we are not aware of their presence , just like radio waves. I don't know, that's what we all are afraid to say about our own existence, this would mean that you are wandering for years without the slightest idea of what's going on and then you die. Of course, there are ways to escape this question, too many ways, the main being we inventing our own reasons. Presented in this light we look like selfish people that want to claim not just one sphere of dust but the entire Universe, which is absurd but indirectly , by giving meaning to life, we assume the roles of the highest instance there is. Now it becomes clear why we use high words like I am the master of my fate, or you create your own world because you literally do by accepting your own truth, you block the rest of the Universe and live in the tiny space called personal truth. At this point I don't really see any value in the word truth, it becomes a mere set of rules accepted by a group of people in order to give some degree of clearness. Our lives are not lies but neither are they the real experience of existing in the universe, we exist more and more in our heads,  in every neuron of our brain. We reached this point at which all our life is just a series of images processed by an organ.We can never perceive our brain, which raises the question do we experience the world or our brain, what is I. Explaining reality, is I believe the most complex question there is, and it confuses you, and any information can not be tested.There are no rules that we know from birth , but our instinct but who can tell that the instinct is not just another made up thing. Too many questions, this is brain-wracking. Anyway just throwing this topic to make you aware of your life because we think we are always involved but  there are a lot of  distractions that make us lose the grip. So just take a minute and really try to feel everything, and give existence a thought if you want to.  

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