Have You asked yourself who You are? Have you ever searched for Your beings inside of You? Have you ever Given the right places to those who are arround You? No.
Maybe you forget you're gonna live once .. You search for others' happiness instead of Yours.. You wanna Be the source of their happiness ... You wanna show what you have inside of you .. Such a beautiful heart full of love .. But white always gets some black lines ... Till it turns all black ! They tell You to Be yourself then they judge you .. They tell You grow up ! Then they say you're getting Boring everytime .. They tell You to stay young! Then they say you're gettin' childish .. Look ! You're not made to please them .. Fuck 'em all ! You're made to please yourself ... They don't even know You but they talk shit 'bout You ! Do You feel it? Do You feel it how it's bad when you hear your enemies talkin' 'bout You everywhere? People have brains .. But they have US instead of their brains .. Do You feel it? Do You feel how it's great when You See others insterested in what You do And who You are .. Those idiots are really giving sense to life ! They are so carefull 'bout You how cute .. You are still living with same people who hurt You before .. What You're gonna do about it? Maybe you can remember a hundred things about your past .. But these things made of You the person You are now ... Negative things can turn positive .. You can turn it positive .. Your mind hurts You sometimes by makin' You remember what You wanna forget .. So silence it ! But even when You remember .. Remember the lesson .. Then move on ! No one can lead You .. You are the leader of yourself ! Bang your head against the world .. When the legend thinks .. The mind gets in fire .. So make this fire take You upper ..

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