Hippie New Year everyone!!



New Year is GREAT New Year is PANTS Not a happy new year

New Year is great!

Scrap that! It is definitely not great –

It is, in fact, amazing! That is if you can keep your eyes open past bedtime — haha. It is said to be the best night to celebrate and party in the year. It surely must be because not going out can leave one feeling nothing less than disappointed, whilst instantly anticipating the next New Year. And why wouldn’t one anticipate it? After all there is a strong sense of excitement, gratitude, and overall friendliness in the community. People openly greet the local strangers with a smile and a wave. That is at least through the day – for my adult life I only celebrated twice so I can’t confirm what nights here in the UK are generally like. If you are going out you probably spend less of the New Year doing this, but weather you do it a little, or a lot, we are all encouraged to reflect on our past, before thinking of how we can hope to improve the year ahead. If it is with the right person – a New Years kiss (or so I’ve heard) is a special moment. Another pretty cool thing about the New Year is that it is not our birthdays, still people wish us well –Yey!!... I can vouch that the early am phone calls one receives around New Years telling them how great they are definitely the most vivid, satisfying, and hilarious of all!    

 Also Fireworks


 I’ll say that again – fireworks :) 


New Year is pants!


  • If you are in ill health, mentally or physically.
  • If people get too drunk, start fights, and do stupid stuff (note: stupid stuff is not always bad)
  • If you spend too much time reflecting or planning for it then you’re not living, whilst not to plan is to plan to fail, to live by plans is not to live – which brings me to my next point
  • New Year’s resolutions – FAIL
  • If it is with some randomer in a club – a New Years kiss
  • Having too many people to respond to, forgetting people, or terribly disliking staying up after 11pm is also a pretty pants thing about new year.


Not a happy new year


In summary so far: everything good about New Year is also bad about the New Year, making New Year a pretty mediocre thing, apart from the fireworks – they’re still good (unless you are a cat lady). In fact all in all, the best part of New Year is the anticipation to the displays, to the kisses, to the fireworks, to the hope of new beginnings. But hope doesn’t do all that much, the universe supports action and most resolutions fail.     

About two years ago I came into myself again, (that sounds really wierd — haha) – I think I mean I became the hippie that I always was. I don’t mean the stereotypical weed smoking, non fashion wearing, armpit hair growing, recycle everything – buy nothing new, tree hugging happy camper. The original meaning of being ‘hip’ means to be ‘’aware, and in the know." What I definitely know is just more greatly reinforced, which is the great importance of loving all people, and that all people must start with one’s self. So anyway I started to love myself and finally did more of what made me feel good. I gradually started to open up and share bit by bit (after all something is not worth having if it is not worth sharing). So.... two years ago I decided I would wish everyone I was able to a happy new year, in a Kim kind of way....   


Here is what I sent...

 ‘’ Again it is that time of year, where alcoholics vow to drink no more beer,

and smokers vow no smoke again, at least not till the next weeken'...

av a Good new year, a good New year,

May you-have- no vindaloo and no diorhea,

appy new year appy new year, please, don't tell me I don't want to hear,

no resolutions don't talk shite,

still i really hope that you have a good night....

live in the moment, vivid memories last,

so please oh please don't dwell on the past,

don't worry of the future the spark is in today,

hope all's well — and that you May,

take small steps daily, even if your new resolutions faily,

get back up on ya bike and one day maybe,

= the new year will go greatley,

each days a new one, i said it plainly,

but tonight is new year's eve, grab ya matey,

better know, everything is all gravy....

da-noooo.... it's time to get waveyyy xx ‘’


Granted I was drunk when I wrote this, and this was my first poem since the 90’s, but it holds something I find important. Resolutions fail.

They fail because people say they will give up bad habits or start good ones, then they go and party hard. After a sesh, or even just a late night, is literally the most foolish time to give up any bad habit. I mean, I don't know about you, but after a party I always want not one... but two sausage sandwiches. We basically feel more crap, then crave crap, to feel good, to then feel crap because we consume crap.

If you are lucky enough for your resolution to make it past the first day you did well. But once they are broken they tend to be broken until either one of two things happen 1= something bad as a result of your lack of duty to yourself or 2 = next New Year.

Why do they fail? Well of course it is because there is so much emphasis on it being a resolution for the year. If you tell yourself you want to stop X bad habit, and you stop, you then feel great, but as soon as you are triggered into breaking the newly formed good habit you'll feel you have failed for the year. If you did as well as you did, why not do it again? Don't stop trying. As long as you are breathing every moment is a moment that you can be working on improving yourself, enjoying, or sharing with others — but if we don't work on being healthy or happy, we are not going to enjoy it to it's full potential. Life is so short, why waste another moment doing what you don't want to do?    

Another 'not happy' thing  about new year is this; why are people able to be kind to strangers on New Years, but on most days they hardly greet people around them. Smiling and greeting people really does make all the difference to the atmosphere. 


明けましておめでとうございます새해복많이받으세요新年快乐! Feliz año nuevo!.Gelukkig nieuwjaar!Szczęśliwego Nowego Roku! Gelukkige Nuwe Jaar! Sretna Nova godina! Šťastný nový rok! Честита Нова Година! Chestita Nova Godina!

Well Happy New Year really then...


BUT not only for JUST New Year; 

Happy -

-New month

-New week

-New day

-New hour

-New minute

-New moment!! —  LIVE IT   




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