How to not be taken for a fool, ever, again

How to become irreplaceable in love, or in any area of your life, and not be taken for a fool, ever, again.

Quit behaving like you are replaceable; like there is no other "the one" out there.

Quit feeling self-conscious, insecure, fearful, weak... stop tip toeing around people, being a people pleaser, wondering what else you can say, do or change about yourself to make them realize your worth.

Instead, pull the rug from under the mess and take your power back.

Right now, you can change your history, your luck, and the rest of your life.

You do not even need to feel strong to take your power back, you just do it.

Cut contact and chord with anyone or anything that is not good for your physical, mental, emotional or spiritual well being.

If you are in a "complicated" relationship, it is not because relationships are complicated, it is because you are allowing it to be so.

So, start behaving like the one-of-a-kind smart sex bomb of a human being that you are.

Stop wasting your time, energy, thoughts and deeds on people who do not see you, not because you do not shine, but because they are blind.

Start serving yourself for a change.

Do what is best for YOU.

Even through the heart ache, the tears, the tiredness, the weak knees... be you, do you, serve you, take care of you like the best mama in the world would do.

Wrap yourself up in the velvetiest, warmest, cuddliest, most loving embrace.

And as you slowly heal, let your light shine out again and warm up everything and everyone's hearts and lives.

You are no one's option baby, you are number one.




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