Twitter Handling



Enter court and be judged...full on attack


I am becoming increasingly aware of the ugly side of people when they are placed on a platform such as Twitter. What is it about this social media platform that causes people to skip your question, concern, or joke and go straight for your throat. Not only that, when they pounce a whole band of others join in the 'bully serenade'....I go on there to read opinion, news, discuss current events, theories, philosophies, jokes, media, and much much more, yet people love to come on there and bring you down, make themselves look perfect, judging who you are as if they have known you for years. It is so disheartening that such an opportunity to connect with others becomes this raging bull ring. Who are we? What have we become? I know bullies have been around forever and this is a beautiful new way for them to thrive...what is scary is that they are even braver behind the computer and it can become downright harmful to the psyche. How do we derail these situations? How do you end the argument? Do you respond? Do you stay silent? I have trouble staying silent so I tend to respond, but then find myself feeling so anxious and upset about it all day!!! I would love to hear your opinions on this very important current topic that is making human interaction just foul! Bring back the pleasant, the lovely, and the pleasing....Please! 

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