Manifesting Desired Life "Learning to live on own terms"



We can design such life. Book Preview- "Manifest Desired Life"-Introduction to destiny designing practices.

[Book  Excerpts]

Get rid of Financial Virus[Loan and Credit Card] that causes BP,Diabetes,Heart and Depression

These two are mother and father of most of the present day depression and life style diseases.

These two products by your governments and corporate to keep the middle class as slaves and buyers of the goods with depreciated value.

This is true and maybe in next 50 years people will burn such systems, which have increased so mental and physical illness in Europe,USA ,India and many Asian countries.

This is  the specific reason ,why the countries which spend trillions of USD in space programs and futile weaponization and invasion of countries ,give education on Loan to their children.

This is simply to convert a youngster a compulsive borrower even before she/he earns a single penny.

Before societies and governments understand this 'criminally conspired crisis' -you can wake up and generate all the money you need without any obligation of interest payment and earning to pay interest.

Understand that universe provides you everything including 'work' to earn and live respectfully but it is your ideas to by 'goods' and 'services' which are not necessary and will eventually create 'life style' diseases for you and your children.

Kick off this habit with following practice-

Calculate the money you need to live respectfully in peace without any borrowing-

"Put a alarm after every 3 hours and for 2 minutes, feel yourself earning and living a completely abundant life,as per your calculation with surplus cash flow."

This practice in continuity will attract all the opportunities you need to live a happy and prosperous life.

Please note that "Loan" under any circumstances is a KARMIC and astrological misfortune and you can easily get rid of it or never need it by constant subconscious auto suggestion for surplus wealth enough to help others who are in need.

At Healing Now many of our students have practiced different practices to get rid of Loans and living a blessed life today.

So welcome to subconscious generation of blessed wealth.


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