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I LOVED Carry on, it was so good. I give it 5/5 stars! I am so happy I read another five star book, it's only my second this year. Read my review below

Can I start the review of every great book like my last one?

Okay, so holy sh*t, this book. This book! Imagine me as David Tennant saying “this book” about half a dozen times.

Okay, I'll need to figure something else out for my next book review but let that suffice for today. Anyway, I LOVED Carry on, it was so good. I give it 5/5 stars! I am so happy I read another five star book, it's only my second this year.

Read my review below


My Synopsis:

Carry on is a book about magic, a roommate/nemesis, best friends, breakups, and monsters. Oh, and love. The protagonist, Simon Snow, is in his last year at Watford School of Magic. Things keep going wrong for him, even when they're going right.

His evil roommate who is (maybe) a vampire has gone missing. Instead of enjoying it, Simon is going half out of his mind looking for him.

And there are ghosts on campus.

And girlfriend broke up with him.

AND people, including his mentor, want him to go into hiding because of the Humdrum monster. That's right, a monster is after Simon. It is not only after him, the most powerful magician in this world, it's sucking up all the magic in UK, leaving "holes" where no magic exists.

It's a tough year for Simon.

My review:

There are only a few warnings I feel compelled to include in this review. Those are that there is profanity and fantastical violence that injures/kills people. There is also an LBGTQIAA+ storyline in the book. If the last one is a problem for you, please get off this blog and never come back. Anyway, I recommend this for people ages 12 and up

We can't start this review without saying that it is an elevated form Harry Potter fanfiction. It is good fanfiction, though! I gave this book five stars, remember? But there are themes such as the Chosen One that completely mirror Harry Potter, especially at the beginning. This might put you off on this book if you're against fanfiction. This book is distinct from Harry Potter in many subtle ways, though. From how the Chosen One handles themselves and their gifts, to how magic is even used in their world.

This story uses narration through alternating first person. The primary character narrating is Simon Snow, the protagonist. It is also told through the eyes of his friends, roommate, and other secondary characters in the book. I can  say that this form of storytelling works. I appreciated knowing exactly what is going on in the heads of the other characters. 

This story left me so, so happy. And sad. And happy. And angry at times. And did I mention happy? The romance in this book is what had me happiest, you will have to read to find out more, I don't want to give anything away. The death that left me devastated in this book is well written. While I got distracted by other books while reading the first half of Carry On, the second half was so good that I couldn't put it down and tore through it.

While some may just write this off as just Harry Potter fanfiction, I will say that this book is good in its own right, and you ought to read it. I have not enjoyed a fantasy like this in a long time, and Carry On makes me want to get back into the genre.

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