Elder Abuse and Neglect



This need not happen with proper training and back ground checks-


America has many problems and my husband and I woke up to the news that the former Administration was paying for Abortions for overseas Countries--we did not even believe what we saw- We were shocked.

 This is just wrong and most Americans did not even know this.


My elderly parents were neglected to death under the last Administration. My latest book to be out on 01/26/17 is about that with words of Encouragement for the hurting.


The majority of Americans voted for Trump and media is not for him because of liberals who thin anything is good.


You cannot change people's minds but you can show them the truth in writings-and also wrongs. How would you like your parents to be done like this?


Most Americans take good care of their parents-it is out of love and respect even though many other Cultures do not think so.

We are hopeful for the future.

America has always helped other Countries but now is a time for other Countries to help us.

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