How India Bought USA Immigration Market to make US Jobless



OBAMA and HILARY Provided free assess to Indian Immigration pimps by funding Indian PMS community

This is the MODI Formula .

First ban all the big notes from currency market and then,block bank deposits of poor for few weeks by setting the limit on withdrawing your own money.

Meanwhile issue new notes and give a chance to scamsters to to run away.

No government in world ever recalls currency without replacing the old but MODI intentionally did it to create panic among poor and showing them that  he can make them feel like beggars by grabbing their own money..

Such government which can play such dirty game  with tax payers is simply misusing constitution to show you that it will make you so  helpless that you will feel yourself on mercy of this Dictator.

Here Modi,you are breaching thin line between  governing and terrorizing your people.

Why not you start to stop Black money by declaring all Donors of your Election campaign and Gujarati Fund  raisers, why they are not caught for allowing poisonous Chinese food and products in Indian Market.

Modi if you allow poisonous chinese product by ports and destroying Indian Industry, whom you are serving?

This is the  same China that blocks Indian UNSC membership and blocks proposal to Ban Pakistani Terrorists.

What a Patriotic PM we have.

This whole Modi gang is now working to make inroads in USA government,USA people must be aware of and Indian PM whom once the had refused VISA.

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