Call Them Human Beings



People fleeing war and slaughter are human beings like us — not migrants, terrorists, or the world's problem children. They deserve respect and human dignity, not scorn and apathy.

I am having a serious problem with the news media and people talking about the "migrant crisis".

They are not migrants, or immigrants, or problems, or boat people, or terrorists.

They are human beings — all of them.

Human beings, like you, like me.

They are fleeing conditions of unspeakable horrors that most of us can barely imagine, let alone understand. And we talk about closing "our borders" to human beings who need help. Who are DYING for help.

The earth has no borders, no lines, no boundaries. It's all one big planet — who are we to decide who is worthy to live?

Suppose we were in their place — fleeing war, hunger, homelessness, slavery, torture. Suppose the world looked at us as terrorists, migrants, problems. Our first answer would probably be that we're Americans, but then wonder why that may not make a difference.

This "migrant" and "immigrant" stereotyping and profiling needs to stop. They are human beings, and deserve dignity and respect simply because they exist. Just like we do.

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