A Short Article About Nothing



Scientists believe nothing is actually something! Who knew?


A short article about nothing

I heard someone on the radio talking about nothing the other day. You might say that's all they ever do, but not on this occasion, this time they were actually talking about 'Nothing'...They were trying to explain how nothing is actually something.

It's a difficult concept to get your head around, when you've always thought that nothing was well... nothing. But it seems that there is more to nothing than meets the eye. In fact, nothing has value it has weight and it has substance. The problem is nobody has managed to work out what it is yet. But the one thing the experts all agree on is, nothing is definitely something.

So why do we usually equate nothing with a negative. Things like money for example. It's true money wise if you got nothing you've got a problem. But what if you think about having nothing In different way. Like how much money do you owe. If you can answer nothing then that's a nothing worth having.

Then there is this state of nothingness, which occupies such a big part of our lives. It's an ingrained function that inhabits our subconscious. Even a child when asked what they are doing, often without thinking will answer defensively nothing. We equate doing nothing with inactivity and yet When somebody annoys you it takes great strength to do nothing. So actually doing nothing requires you to do something.

The question is, Is nothing a state of mind or a physical manifestation. The greatest literary minds have asked the question, without providing an answer to the conundrum. The Scientists on the radio tried to explain that nothing exists. But they were struggling to find what is in the empty void that separates nothingness from being something. It's a puzzle that has perplexed the great minds and the great thinkers.

Since the time of the ancient Greeks they have asked the question and so far they have come back with.....Nothing!

Maybe we should just take heart from Monty Python who said philosophically 'We come from nothing and will return to nothing, so in the end what have we lost? — Nothing. Well at least that's something 

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