MADRASA -Entry Pass to Terrorists on USA/INDIA Streets



This is how just under the nose of USA&INDIAN Intelligence agencies Muslim Terrorists recruiters,Bombs, Guns entered in streets of India &USA.

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While our Politicians are busy becoming International Leaders,let's think and act against root of local terrorism -that is MADRASA or Islamic Teaching Schools in  USA &INDIA.It is here that Terrorist Recruiters meet Muslim children and Youth and teach them to target their own countrymen.

This happens under nose of our Intelligence agencies via social media and mosques but no politician wants to touch these MADRAS on the name of being labeled as anti Muslim.

These Youth,which are trained in MADRASA'S across USA &INDIA, make whole Muslim community as suspect and there is growing anger and hate against Muslims in Germany,France,UK and USA which may reach to alarming levels.

Before its too late UAE and all Back door terrorist supporters must be told to hand over such financiers to international law or face the sanction-even on the cost of UAE blackmailing USA &UNA on the name of cutting investment in USA and donations to UNA.

Negotiations with Terrorists are only possible on Zero tolerance against Violence,India and USA must stop negotiating and helping Pakistan in any way till all the Terrorist camps are not destroyed under UN observers.

These are steps due from last decades-If USA and India still continue negotiating and funding countries like PAKISTAN .

As our Politicians kept on proving themselves international leaders and kept on putting their feet everywhere in Muslim world for internal fight between 2 Muslim groups,Terrorist recruiters very quietly enter in local Muslim Population as Muslim Thinkers&Priests in nearby Mosques and recruited young and restless uneducated Muslim kids,

In India we still allow Muslim Maulvis ,who go on preaching in Mosques and on the name of teaching Islam in MADRASA section of Mosque,keep on tarnishing young minds against their own motherlands.

This is high time that all such MADRASA'S must be under CC TV watch 24x7 and Muslims must be told to chose between Life in a free country or punishment ,if they found interacting with terrorists ,who are in garb of Muslim religious thinkers.

Our Nations have duel policy of supporting one terrorist group against others ,which USA did in past and still doing in Syria even after paying heavy price in form of 9/11.

Local Muslim Youth must be counselled against people they meet and people they interact on web ,as these few

terrorists who are in night clubs,will enter in our homes.



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