Michelle Obama Speaks by Rhonda L. Jackson



Michelle Obama

I think I have seen Michelle Obama's speech 4 or 5 times now and I still am moved and in awe of how she used words to craft a sense off calm and cohesion at the DNC! She spoke about something that is paramount to all of us our children our future! Even the duck couldn't find anything wrong with her speech! I was really happy when the first black president was elected but I am just as excited to see the first woman elected president. You know it pisses me off when I hear stupid women call Hillary Clinton a liar and a cheat. It sounds sooooo stupid to me when women say Hillary Clinton can't be trusted especially women who were around for Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan, and George W. Bush the White House!!
I think Michelle Obama would be elected president easily but I also believe she is too smart to run!! She hinted this on Monday when she spoke!! She applauded Hillary Clinton for having the fortitude and stamina to continue with public service life after being attacked for everything from her appearance to the fucking way she laughs! Unlike her white male counterparts she didn't pout and throw in the towel when things don't go her way she finds solutions around the problem. The white male republicans in full pout refused to even attend their convention but Hillary after her disappointing loss of 2008 rolled up her sleeves and went to work as Secretary of State. I saw this movie called The Contender and although it was fictional it depicted just how vile and contemptuous political rivals can be. I saw some of this with President Obama and more with Hillary Clinton. Well at least Hillary Clinton has not been depicted as an ape being shot in the street as the New York Times did to Michelle Obama. A poignant line in this movie The Contender was "Gut the Bitch" when the antagonist played by Gary Oldman procured the help from a political strategist! I think this was done to the Obamas and to Hillary Clinton but amazingly not applied to philandering Bill Clinton! Michelle Obama's outstanding speech on Monday I think began to bring the democrats together while the republicans remain splintered and angry! I just hope I am still alive when the first black woman becomes president!!!

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