Handouts by Rhonda L. Jackson




I have more to say about federal, state and local government handouts!! I am going to throw out some terms that many of you don't hear often if at all. The first term is MANIFEST DESTINY sounds legal of maybe even spiritual but it is neither legal or spiritual it was made up by this white guy to give land occupied by Native Americans to white settlers. When I first heard the term I was in high school and the way my white civics teacher taught it to me I felt as though the settlers were justified in this because everyone knew the "American Indians" were savages and sorely in need of civilizing by the sooooo civilized English. Now this is was one of America's many to come handouts to white people. Everything was designed to make sure the English settlers were prosperous including centuries of trying to kill the Native Americans all of them!! I didn't come across the term MANIFEST DESTINY again for years but by then I had a different opinion of the term. When I heard Donald Trump defend the use of manifest destiny during one of the republican debates I was reassured my new opinion of the term was accurate!! The next term is gerrymandering! This is where a political party power draws map lines to ensure their victory in the next or future elections. Again this was a term I learned in high school civics. I did not realize the impact until I started voting then I thought even as a young 18 year old voter I knew this amounted to cheating!! The government has always helped white men while usurping everyone else. The white male gets the higher pay and better jobs and the government federal, state, and local assist as much as possible!! When other groups try to get governmental assistance it's called welfare or "free stuff" as Jeb (so he's the smart one??) Bush said. I am tired of being the other, the person seeking "free stuff" while white men get all of the benefits and are called the earners, the middle class, the job providers!! It is not a secret that these white men know they are not playing on the same field with the rest of us and they don't hide their expectations of entitlement. Bernie Sanders may have spouted many things that are good and necessary for the United States but he did not win the democratic nomination stop the entitlement pretense Bernie and join the team, damn it!!! No one gets more "FREE STUFF" than the white men!!! Without this governmental welfare this demographic would have to compete with the rest of us and I know they don't want that!! So when Trump files bankruptcy he receives protection (welfare) from his debtors! I bet if this governmental help was spread around the country would be a better place for everyone at least it couldn't be any worse!!!

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