I saw a squirrel today!



This article is about noticing, appreciating and finding joy in tiny things in life

Umm, okay. A squirrel, yeah, no big deal about that.

For most, the above might be a relatable thought. But for nut jobs like me, a squirrel might be an ‘aha’ moment. What’s an ‘aha’ moment? It has no particular definition per se, but a moment which gives u joy or pleasure, even for a second, is an ‘aha’ moment. Sounds moronic?

Think deep. It’s your usual day, wake up-get-ready-go-to-work/school-come-do-some-chores-watch-tv/Netflix-and-go-to-bed. Throughout a day like this, can you have an ‘aha’ moment? Hell yeah, plenty of them! But do we really focus on minute things such as these? Maybe not.

Well, what I feel is, the more you observe, the more you learn. Observing even stupid things such as the color of a leaf or the shade of a particular branch of a tree or even watching a squirrel pass by can be considered as ‘aha’ moments. Today, glimpsing a squirrel was for me. The more the ‘aha’ moments, better the day is. Anyway, life gives you tons to get depressed and cry over. There are marks/grades, salary, a bad boss, a broken coffee machine, a queue at the ATM, and lots more. But out of these, there are ample ‘aha’ moments too, we just need to keep our eyes open for them. ‘Aha’ moments aren’t going to come to your desk. You have to notice them yourselves. Because that’s where true happiness lies. Just imagine, a painter watching a dry autumn leaf (in India!), won’t that be a source of a new color palette for him altogether? Or a fashion designer eyeing a particular kingfisher making merry on a tree branch? Yeah, that could be a wondrous moment for her as it can lead to a new line of outfits.

Point is, you never know where happiness lies. Instead of striving hard in making money or earning degrees, (clichéd yet true), appreciate the small things in life. Because that’s where greater joy lies!

Notice the strange faces of a baby when it eats something sour, or how sun rays enter your room or how the people in a queue behave, you will have loads of ‘aha’ moments.

Observe and grin wide, that’s ‘aha’ for you!

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