Don’t simply sit upon dreams and hopes!



It’s your life; you deserve your place in history!

It is with such sadness that we have lost mesmerising and captivating characters from our timeline as we live each day upon this beautiful planet. Talented and bestowed with such sublime abilities, from actors, singers, playwrights and so many more.

A silent thought arose as I contemplated my eventual demise, would I be remembered, would I linger in the footnotes of history?

Would my deeds and actions be important to just someone in the tapestries of times to come?

We all each and every day have the ability to defeat Father Time and to live forever.

Do what you love, do it with passion, fever and utmost desire: as some of those who recently lost a place on the physical plane of existence.

They will now live on forever in the memories of those who admired, respected and loved them.

Don’t simply sit upon dreams and hopes, find the courage to explore, reach out and materialise them into being, many have done it before – be another!

Be epic – sing your song of expression before you lose your voice to do so!

It’s your life; you deserve your place in history!

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