Living with epilepsy



One week of an epileptic woman.

It was an ordinary evening with my boyfriend watching soccer, (or football if you please) laying comfortably on the couch. Eating some spicy chips and BANG it hit me. Just like that. Out of nowhere. Without warning of any kind. When I woke up that day I did not know, that in the evening I would be lying in the hospital unconscious. This was not the plan. This was everything else but the plan.

Later on I was told that all of the sudden I had crasped my body like an extremely bow, ready to launch. Only back of the head and balls of my feet were on the ground. Everything else was up in the air, like you see in the horror movies when someone is adopted by a demon. And suddenly I had collapsed totally flexible, so that I dropped of to the floor, biting my cheek so hard that almost a bit a piece off. Blood was pouring out of my mouth and I had wet myself. Not a nice atmosphere for a date. The irony of all was, that I had lied my age to my boyfriend. I had said that I was a lot of younger that I really was. Well, he had bought it, thanks for my almost obsessed skincare routine I had started since young teenage. When he called ambulance they asked my birth information which he had to check from my drivers license. THAT must have a the real boom for him. I was way older than him. Poor boy. So there we were, two people in the night wondering what the hell had happened.

This is how it started. But if think that, that must have been the hardest part of all, you are so wrong you don´t have an idea. The medication rigmarole started. Week after week I was like floating in the air. The only few breaks was when I felt so sick,  I thought I was gonna die. I was looking like a zombie wandering all over the house, stareing everything seeing nothing. What a mess. I´m not lying for saying that the first year went like this. I don´t remember much of that time, except endless naps, seeing double, memory problems and most of all, negating the whole illness. "It was not me that this had happened"  


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